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Neyyattinkara protest: Kerala Police Academy website hacked | kerala cyber warriors | neyyattinkara couple death | rajan and ambili | Breaking News

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Kerala Police Academy website hacked The website was hacked by Kerala Cyber ​​Warriors. Police in riot gear stormed a rally in Neyyattinkara on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. The action of the Cyber ​​Warriors was in protest of the incident. The hacking information was leaked by the cyber warriors themselves through social media.

Kerala Cyber ​​Warriors Note Full:

The motto of the Kerala Police is ‘Mrudu Bhave, Dridha Kritye’ which means ‘soft behavior, firm deeds’. The first sentence of these apocryphal verses is completely obscured and the police are a reminder of the brutal rule then and now.

The police have always been the guardians of the interests of the ruling class and the judiciary. The police, who are committed to working with the people on behalf of the people as part of the people and maintaining law and order, are utterly cruel in the manner in which they ask and say to the son who digs the grave without even considering the mental state of those children when their own father and mother are burnt to ashes in front of their eyes. Protests must rise. What they are going to face now are sights that are going to be hunted for a lifetime. Children who have lost loved ones in one day and are isolated in this world! Eman commands them, “Stop it, Da.”

To the boy who says, “Sir, I have to die with my mother,” Eman replied without hesitation, “What do I need for that?” The arrogant words of Eman’s authority, which has no humanity, are burning like coal in the heart of every ordinary human being.

There are some things that Eman forgets when he goes into the blindness of power. Your job is to protect the lives and property of the people and to administer equal justice!

This is the third video against the police in the last one month, which shows the attitude of the police towards the general public. The father and daughter who came to the station to lodge a complaint are being mistreated, and the credit for the call to the young man, who made a living by selling antique on the sidewalk, along with the ‘fruit and flower’ call, goes to the academy that molds the Kerala Police. Why can’t the army ensure the same justice for the poor, the rich, the politically influential and the non-political .. ?? When a person is in a state of mental turmoil, most police officers want to be a slave to politicians just like a passerby who writes and passes an exam without even basic training on how to deal with such situations or how to behave there.

Many Emans have a hunch that no one will ask or tell them what went wrong, with the Eman side failing to limit itself to just a suspension or a punishment transfer. Who is this farce to convince? Will the change of character change the place? Even in case of suspension, 50% salary for the first 3 months and then 75% salary till return to service. What is the punishment for this practice of sitting at home with the family to enjoy the suspension period?


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