NHSO launches universal health insurance booklet

The series of books mentioned above have been published in English to spread knowledge, experience and lessons learned in creating general Thai health coverage to the public, which includes:

1.Thailand UHC and Overview (Overview of Thailand’s universal health care system)

2.People’s Participation in the Universal Coverage Scheme (UCS) in Thailand (People’s Participation in Thailand’s National Health Security System)

3. Protection of Customer Rights under the Universal Coverage Scheme (UCS) in Thailand (Protection of people’s rights under the National Health Security Scheme of Thailand)

4.The Role and Implementation of the NHSO National Health Security Office’s COVID-19 Crisis to jointly resolve the COVID-19 crisis)

5.FAQs’ 10 common questions

(10 frequently asked questions about Thailand health insurance) Download from NHSO website https://eng.nhso.go.th/view/1/Home/EN-US

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