NHSO opens hotline 1330 to provide information and answer questions ‘Local Health Insurance Fund’

NHSO has started to open a new communication channel “NHSO hotline 1330” to provide information-advice-answer questions about the “PAT”, including the preparation of health projects under the security fund. local health

Dr. Apichart Rodsom Deputy Secretary-General of the National Health Security Office (NHSO) revealed that the Local Health Security Fund (POT), one of the innovations in budget management in the National Health Security System (Gold Card) of the NHSO, to Focusing on taking care of people in the area to have access to health services.

In this regard, it will support and promote the provision of public health services of the service units. organizing health processes or activities or preventing diseases of organizations, agencies and people; organizing public health services of child development centers; Center for improving the quality of life for the elderly Development and restoration of quality of life for the elderly or disabled and support and prevention of solving public health problems in the area including in the event of an epidemic in the situation of the epidemic of COVID-19

For the implementation of the PAT, the local administrative organization (PAT) will play a key role in the establishment of the PAT by contributing to the budget. and working with the public health service unit network partners and people in the area Emphasis on fund management model participatory form from all sectors which currently has There are more than 7,000 local authorities across the country that have joined the establishment of the CAT, and there are many health projects under the CAT. spread all over the country Helping to increase the quality of life for people in the area

Dr. Apichart said that from the results of the PAT that appear, there are more organizations, agencies and people interested in participating in health promotion activities under the PAT. Therefore, as a channel for communication and creating knowledge Understood by PT. Since January 1, 2022, NHSO has opened a channel “NHSO hotline 1330” to ask questions, seek advice or answer questions about the NRCT. to the preparation and proposal of health support and promotion projects in the area under the rules of the CAT, available 24 hours a day, which is considered a new communication channel for more people and closer to each other;

“Organizations, agencies, and people who want to know about the PAT and those who wish to participate in activities with the PAT should have any questions. Today, inquiries can be made via the NHSO hotline 1330, where NHSO officials will provide information and advice, including answering questions about the PAT as an additional communication channel in addition to the Security Fund page. Local health-CAT,” said Deputy Secretary-General of the NHSO.



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