NHSO reveals free flu vaccine! Limited to 4.2 million doses, suggesting 7 risk groups. Hurry up to inject before it’s gone.

NHSO reveals free flu vaccine! Limited to 4.2 million doses, suggesting 7 risk groups. Hurry up to inject before it’s gone.

Today (18 May 2022) Dr. Chakkrit Ngowsiri, MD. Deputy Secretary-General of the National Health Security Office (NHSO) revealed that according to the NHSO, together with the Department of Disease Control Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) organizes 4.2 million doses of seasonal influenza vaccination services in 2022, benefiting the National Health Security System. Ready to accelerate the injection campaign that lasts from May 1 to August 31, 2022, focusing on injecting for people in 7 risk groups, all rights to medical treatment. to reduce the rate of severe morbidity and death from influenza complications

Dr. Chakkrit said that influenza vaccination services this year It is a service in the form of walk-in (Walk in), whoever comes first, is entitled to the first come – Frist serve by receiving the vaccination at the nearest service center or hospital. or may call to inquire with the service unit before By registering through the application “Bao Tang” as in the past year. in cooperation with Krung Thai Bank

Dr. Chakkrit said that from information on seasonal influenza vaccination services via Dashboard as of May 16, 2022, there are 7 risk groups of people who have received 61,413 influenza vaccination services, of which 61,413 people are elderly people. 65 years and over, 39,899 people were the most, followed by 35,307 chronic disease patients, 1,471 thalassemia patients and obese patients (weight > 100 kg or BMI > 35 kg/m2). ) 1,190 people

“When looking at provincial data, it was found that the first 5 provinces with the highest influenza vaccination were as follows: Bangkok had the highest number of influenza vaccinations. The highest number of 21,932 people, followed by Chonburi with 2,727 people, Nonthaburi with 2,695 people, Suphan Buri with 1,897 people, and Samut Prakan with 1,754 people. The top 5 service units with the highest vaccination were Siriraj Hospital, 1,420 people, followed by They came to Phra Narai Maharat Hospital, Lop Buri Province, 1,176 people, Sri Prachan Hospital, Suphan Buri Province, 961 people, Tha Chana Hospital, Surat Thani Province, 820 people, and Ranong Hospital 778 people,” Dr Chakkrit said.

Deputy Secretary-General of the NHSO said that in 2022, there are 11,555,334 people in the 7 risk groups, the number of influenza vaccines that NHSO allocated 4.2 million doses to provide services, or only 36.35 percent of the target group. Therefore, people in 7 risk groups should hurry to get vaccinated at a service unit or a hospital near their home. or may call the service center first to reduce the risk of illness from severe disease or death if infected with influenza along with asking for cooperation from the service unit to join the vaccination service to the target population as well.

“For people in 7 risk groups for receiving influenza vaccine services, namely 1) pregnant women aged 4 months or more (services throughout the year) 2) all children aged 6 months to 2 years 3) people with the disease Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease, renal failure, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, and diabetes; 4) persons aged 65 years and over; 5) thalassemia and those with impaired immune systems. (including symptomatic HIV-infected), 6) obesity (weight > 100 kg or BMI > 35 kg/m2) and 7) mentally handicapped people who cannot help themselves,” said Dr. Chakkrit.

For more information, please contact NHSO hotline 1330 or online channels, including LINE NHSO, Line ID @nhso or click and Facebook: National Health Security Office.


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