Ni Chenxi announced the birth of Xizai, BB weighed 8 pounds 8: big enough to doubt​​​​​​

Ni Chenxi announced the birth of Xizai.

Ni Chenxi uploaded a photo of a family of four with folded hands on social platforms, announcing that Xizai was born smoothly and named the child Evren.

He revealed that Xizai was born on the 17th, he said: “The second baby in the family is finally here too, and the busy days are going to be even busier, but mum is full of 100% happiness every day. I took a good break for a few days and i enjoyed the unique parent-child time with my baby, maybe he was absorbed too well in the mother’s womb.8lb8almost54cmThe height is great enough to make me doubt my life!next We are a family of four!

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