Ni TouchzZ, in collaboration with Translate, Translate, has released a free Thai subtitle mod for Metro 2033 Redux to pick up for free, along with an important announcement.

Sunday, April 2, 2023 at 3:12:59 PM, Indochina time.

Quality work. Come back again. When the fan page We TouchzZ shake hands with Famous Modelike ” it can be translated ” in the game Metro 2033 Redux Let’s pick it up for free on your own. Mod Thai language will be translated in the story, various documents to the research within the game roughly. 90% which may have lost some translations in some parts along with publishing a break from making Mod long because he had to concentrate on looking after his family as ” new father ” sure enough

for the game Metro Redux It is about a world that has been destroyed by cataclysmic events. Until human beings were made unable to live on land Until the community had to move to live in the depths of the underground But with an appearance ” a new generation “in the year 2033 Who uses a subway station as a residence and has to fight to be able to survive in this hard to be able world

As for how to install Mod Thai language Metro 2033 Redux It can be done without difficulty. The details are as follows.

  • download file Mod on a website Mud on this link
  • Extract the downloaded file. which will be named content.vfx a content99.vfs0
  • enter the program Steam > Library (game library)
  • Right click on the game Metro 2033 Redux and choose a subject Properties… (feature)
  • Choose a topic. Local File then choose a topic Graze… to go to the game folder.
  • bring the file content.vfx a content99.vfs0 obtained from the download Drop it into the game folder. Metro 2033 Redux
  • Get into the game and have fun with Mod Thai language

for the game Metro 2033 Redux able to spend together through both Steam a Epic Games Store The full price of the game will be priced 369 baht But for those who are not in a hurry, they can wait for the game to go on sale during the festival, which used to be the highest discount. 80% and the price alone 73.80 baht only


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