Niantic and Capcom Release New Game ‘Monster Hunter Now’ Bringing Popular IP to Real World

Niantic and Capcom Introduce ‘Monster Hunter Now’ Game, Bringing Famous IP to Real World

Over 3 Million Pre-registrations Reflect Strong Interest Prior to Launch

Niantic and Capcom made an exciting announcement on the 14th, revealing the release of their new game, ‘Monster Hunter Now.’ This groundbreaking game seamlessly merges the globally acclaimed intellectual property ‘Monster Hunter’ with the real world. The tremendous response from over 3 million individuals who took part in pre-registration clearly reflects the immense enthusiasm surrounding this launch.

‘Monster Hunter Now’ is now available for download on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, supporting an impressive lineup of 9 languages: Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Brazilian.

Through the utilization of AR (Augmented Reality) camera mode, players can expect to witness the presence of colossal monsters in their immediate surroundings. This innovative technology allows users to interact with these magnificent creatures, observe their behaviors, and easily share captivating content on various social media platforms.

The introduction of the group hunting function simplifies the process of seeking assistance from fellow players when faced with formidable monsters. This incredible feature automatically connects players with nearby hunters, facilitating the formation of powerful teams to conquer seemingly insurmountable challenges.

In response to feedback from participants during the soft launch phase, the development team has included a new ‘tool settings’ feature. Players now have the ability to select their preferred armor, weapons, and other necessary equipment before engaging in fierce battles. Furthermore, the option to switch equipment during these hunts has been seamlessly integrated into the gameplay.

Ryozo Tsujimoto, the Producer of the Monster Hunter series at Capcom, expressed his enthusiasm regarding the worldwide release of ‘Monster Hunter Now.’ He stated, “The day has finally arrived to introduce ‘Monster Hunter Now’ to users all around the globe. This exhilarating game offers an entirely fresh experience for both newcomers and devoted fans of the ‘Monster Hunter’ franchise.”

Niantic’s CPO, Kay Kawai, remarked, “Monster Hunter Now perfectly aligns with Niantic’s ethos of exploration in the real world. Its challenging gameplay truly captivates players.”

Additionally, to commemorate the game’s release, the internationally renowned rock band ONE OK ROCK has produced a music video for their song ‘Make It Out Alive,’ garnering extensive attention from fans and enthusiasts alike. For more detailed information regarding ‘Monster Hunter Now,’ readers are encouraged to visit the game’s official website.

By Chae Seung-hyuk, Today’s Financial Reporter

Niantic and Capcom announced on the 14th that they have launched a new game, ‘Monster Hunter Now’, which brings the globally popular IP (intellectual property) ‘Monster Hunter’ into the real world. More than 3 million people took part in pre-registration, showing strong interest.

‘Monster Hunter Now’ was released in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and supports a total of 9 languages, including ▲ Japanese ▲ English ▲ Korean ▲ Chinese ▲ French ▲ Italian ▲ German ▲ Spanish ▲ Brazilian.

Using AR (Augmented Reality) camera mode, you can encounter huge monsters located near the player in the real world before your eyes. It is also possible to interact with large monsters, observe their actions, and easily post them on social media.

The group hunting function makes it easier to call other people for help when encountering monsters that are difficult to defeat alone. This is a function that automatically matches the player with nearby hunters so that the player can form a team.

Additionally, in response to requests from soft launch participants, a new ‘tool settings’ feature has been added. This allows players to choose armor, weapons, and other equipment before encountering a monster and easily switch equipment during the hunt.

Capcom Monster Hunter Series Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto said, “The day has finally come to introduce ‘Monster Hunter Now’ to all users around the world. “An exciting new experience awaits those new to ‘Monster Hunter’ and longtime fans,” he said.

“Monster Hunter Now is in perfect harmony with Niantic’s philosophy of exploring the world,” said Niantic CPO Kay Kawai. “It’s hard to master,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the globally popular rock band ONE OK ROCK attracted attention by producing a music video for ‘Make It Out Alive’ to commemorate the release of this game. More detailed information about ‘Monster Hunter Now’ can be found on the game’s official website.

Today’s Financial Reporter Chae Seung-hyuk

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