NICD: There are no Ebola cases in the US

NICD: There are no Ebola cases in the US

The National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) says that it has not received any positive Ebola cases in South Africa or neighboring countries.

In a tweet on Thursday morning, the NICD confirmed that its ESB Lab4 had not been asked to test suspected Ebola cases for any neighboring countries.

“So we didn't have a positive Ebola case,” the institution said.

He said that if anything changed he would report his results and he would alert the public.

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This happens after media claims that a woman with signs of her Ebola virus disease contracted Ficksburg border in the Free State – fear that the virus was present in South Africa.

It was subsequently found that the incident was an outdoor simulation exercise to test Lesotho's readiness.

In a statement, the International Health Regulations (IHR) in Lesotho said that Ebola's exercise was simulated on 13 November between Ficksburg and Maputsoe border gates.

The simulation was carried out to test the country's ability in terms of risk communication, coordination, communication, surveillance, case management, preparedness and response.

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Ebola is a serious and often fatal illness that affects people and other primates.

The virus is transmitted to humans from wild animals and then spreads in the human population through direct contact with blood, secretions, organs or body fluids of other infected persons, and surfaces and materials (such as bedding and clothing) contaminated with these fluids.

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