Nicholas Pooran: The Rising Star of West Indies Cricket

Trinidad: Nicholas Pooran’s Stellar Performance Secures T20I Series Win for West Indies

In a gripping series against India, Nicholas Pooran proved to be the driving force behind West Indies’ triumph in the T20I format. The dynamic batsman showcased his exceptional skills by amassing an impressive total of 176 runs across five innings, boasting an enviable average of 35.20. Pooran’s astonishing run rate of 141.94 demonstrated his ability to dominate the opposition with his aggressive strokeplay.

A Recognizable Face Among Indian Cricket Fans

Renowned for his explosive performances in the Indian Premier League as a key player for the Lucknow Super Giants, Pooran has become a familiar name and face for Indian cricket enthusiasts. Continuing his meteoric rise to stardom, Pooran’s popularity transcends boundaries, finding a significant fanbase among Malayalis. To further connect with his newfound admirers, Pooran has released a video where he personally guides Malayalis on the correct pronunciation of his name, courtesy of CB Gopalakrishnan from the Lok Kerala Sabha.

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Unfortunately, due to injury, Pooran was unable to personally receive the well-deserved Player of the Series award. Instead, the honor was bestowed upon Darren Powell. Sustaining an injury during his last innings, Pooran endured immense pain after being struck on the wrist by a powerful straight drive from Kuldeep Yadav. However, the resilient warrior pressed on, refusing to let his team down. Even after enduring such a formidable blow, Pooran continued to showcase his perseverance by remaining at the crease, ultimately being dropped by Indian pacer Arshdeep Singh. Sharing images on X (formerly Twitter), Pooran disclosed his injuries, displaying the mark left on his stomach by Arshdeep’s ferocious delivery.

Trinidad: Nicholas Pooran was instrumental in leading West Indies to a series win in the T20I series against India. Puran scored 176 runs in five innings. That too at an average of 35.20. The West Indies star’s run rate was 141.94. The star of the series was also old. Puran, the star of Lucknow Super Giants in the Indian Premier League, is well known to Indian cricket fans.

Even after the series, Puran has become a star. Especially among the Malayalis. Now it has appeared in a video. He teaches the Malayali how to pronounce his name. Through a video by CB Gopalakrishnan, a member of the Lok Kerala Sabha, Puran explains how to pronounce his name correctly.

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Puran was not present to receive the award for player of the series. Darren Powell received the award instead. Puran was injured while batting in the last match. A powerful straight drive from Kuldeep Yadav by Brendan King, who was on the striking end, hit Puran on the wrist. Despite being a strong hit, Puran continued to bat without showing pain and was dropped by Indian pacer Arshdeep Singh. Puran shared pictures on X (formerly Twitter) of Arshdeep’s ball on his stomach with both injuries.

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