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Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are planning to have “children in the future”.

The couple tied the knot in a tidy double ceremony in India last year, and Nick, who is 26 years old, revealed that they are already thinking about their future, including making career choices they will be able to share with their brood begin with a family.

He said: "I think in everything we do, I know, my brothers and myself, Priyanka and I, everything we do about the future. And to build something that will become a part of us; heritage in some way, and a story we can share with our future children. "

Nick is taking his animated film 'UglyDolls'; and the project is said to be a "joy" to be part of "kids in general".

He said: "That is everything from the music to projects that we come with, and perhaps, some of the projects that have a bigger theme to adults. [‘UglyDolls’], it's just a pleasure to be able to do this for the children in general. "

Next month, Jonas Brothers and his 36-year-old wife will be present at the Met Gala 2019 – where they inspired love rumors two years ago – attending the Met Gala committee, and Nick the the opportunity is "fantastic".

Speaking to E! News, said the one who hit 'Sucker': "That was one of our first dates … but not even date, I don't know how to describe it. Met Gala, which speaks historically, so it is great to be on the committee this year. "


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