Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Can And Dance in Sangeet Pre-Married Amazing Ceremony

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2 December 2018 2:41 PM

Now this is how you start at a wedding weekend!

On Sunday, Priyanka Chopra published a video that reveals, before the marriage of Nick Jonas on Saturday, that the couple launched a Sangeet ceremony on Friday night. The Indian tradition is essentially a huge night of music and dance, and the woman and preamble certainly took part!

In the clip professionally produced, the husband and wife now, together with their friends and family, sing and dance on stage in front of a crowd clapping. Check out the Bollywood elaborate dance routines and the performance of Nick Joe's older brother Joe as “Deep Into the Wild” plays by Honorary.

“It all started as a tough song and dance competition between the families but always as a great celebration of love,” Chopra said the incredible clip. “Nick and I were really looking forward to the Sangeet (music evening), with another pre-marriage ritual .. and to see what each side put together.” T

“And what performance it was,” she said. “Every family telling our stories through song and dance, full of laughter and love. Both of us were very grateful for the effort, love and laughter and we will have memories of this special night for the rest of our lives. It is a great start to the lives of our families and friends.

It also included a photo of herself and Nick on stage together, as well as each of their stalls showing their best dance moves at the meeting.

The couple married at Palace Palace Taj Umaid in Jodhpur, India, on Saturday. Afterwards, the two photographs photographed the delightful business, including an image of them smiling together with friends and family at the Mehendi, a traditional Indian precursor.

“One of the most special things we have brought to our relationship is a combination of families who respect and respect each other's beliefs and cultures. And so it was so great to plan the wedding with the two of them, ”Jonas said his photograph. “The Mehendi is an important part of the girl in Indian marriage. Once again we did our own and an evening that began the celebration in the way we both imagined. ”

The tranquil day ended with a huge fireworks display over the palace.

Find out more about their marriage below.


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