Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra Jonas' Body Language In The Sucker "Music Video Almost Too Hot To Handle

Not alone. T This week has brought 14-year-old Sarah, said: "hotter than ever." I've been blasting JB songs exclusively for the last few days, and I'm thrilled that the new song is a total bop. Plus, the video features none other than the Jonas Sisters themselves! "I believe,". T

Nick and Priyanka´s love story They leave flirty. OMG. T They're so hot together! I have got a chat on how what body language reveals can and do out. The couple gets seriously steamy and shows just how hot connection is BRB, grabbing some ice to cool off.

Leaning In

Together in the video. “She is looking at his lip as she approaches approach the microphone,” Cobb notes. “It’s like,‘ I want you. ”

Fun & Flirty

First of all, their outfits in this flirty moment. Cobb notes that Priyanka is totally playing with the body. “She has a lip pucker … not only is she leaning,” Cobb says. It's getting his attention on her. ”It’s like she’s saying, 'Look at me, you know.

Heating Up

Start to heat up. “Now she's disrobing just a little bit – it's getting drunk,” she's walking away, Priyanka looks behind her challenge. has her hands on it, 'Cobb says.

She´s Got This

This kiss, you guys !! * the best part of it, from Cobb notes, is that Priyanka is taking the lead. “She's holding him by the vest,” said Cobb observes. “And what I love about it!” T “And what I love about it!” T

Proud & Confident

In this climactic moment, Priyanka saunters toward challenge man with utter confidence and power. Cobble says. T “It's what you're going to get next,” says Cobb. "She comes across."

Priyanka is a total boss babe. “She owns her sexuality, she owns her movement, and that's a big appeal,” she says. Priyanka cane And the best part? There was 100 percent real.

Watch the video here:

JonasBrothersVEVO on YouTube
Victoria Wanken / Elite Daily

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