Nieuwe single Peter Gabriel – “The Court”

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A month ago, Peter Gabriel released his first single with “Panopticom” in the run-up to his next album i/o. The song was a ‘Bright-Side mix’, but in the meantime the ‘Dark-Side Mix’ was also released. In the beginning it was still unclear what exactly all this should mean, but in the meantime Gabriel clarified how it all works. For i/o he works together with producers Tchad Blake and Mark Stent. However, both producers each make their own version of the song. Stent is responsible for the ‘Bright Side mixes’ and Blake for the ‘Dark-Side mixes’, although the differences are not inimitable.

So with “The Court” we first get to hear Blake’s version, but it is of course Peter Gabriel who plays the leading role. He doesn’t have many opportunities to illustrate his strong voice, because he limits himself to short syllables, which even remind you of hip-hop here and there. In between we also get to hear a nice choir, which is allowed to show its singing skills. In terms of instrumentation, we again hear a lot of electronics, which is of course typical for Gabriel and his constant sense of innovation. It delivers a nice whole, which unfortunately cannot match “Panopticom”, which still remains in our heads after a month. Nevertheless, “The Court” is a pleasant single, which will probably come into its own even more on the album.

Peter Gabriel stands up June 6 at the Sportpaleis.

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