Night Rang Nakhon Pathom: The next test for the Thai men’s national volleyball team in the AVC Cup.


It is certain that The AVC Cup 2022 men’s volleyball will resume in Thailand after the original host Taiwan was unable to organize the tournament.

The Asian Volleyball Federation (AVC) decided to choose Thailand. Organized the AVC Cup instead of Taiwan, which is scheduled to compete between 7-14 August 2022 and the field is still Nakhon Pathom Municipal Sports Center

The AVC Cup men’s volleyball has been competed in Thailand twice in 2008 in Nakhon Ratchasima, which was the first time the tournament. And the last time was in 2016 in Nakhon Pathom province and it was also the second time at this racetrack. Has hosted an Asian match for the men’s team

2022 is considered a golden year for Nakhon Pathom. In front of the mat, it is hosting the AVC’s Asian competition in many programs, starting from the U18 Women’s Volleyball Asian Championship. that held the competition instead of Uzbekistan in early June

Or will it be the “Princess Cup”, the AVC Challenge Cup women’s volleyball tournament that is held instead of Hong Kong? The competition is scheduled for the end of June.

And in addition, there are already scheduled competitions in Nakhon Pathom. ASEAN Grand Prix that still have to wait to confirm the date of the match from the Volleyball Association of Thailand official again

Coming back to the AVC Cup, this event was first held in 2008, which was previously a list of qualifying teams to compete in the Women’s World Grand Prix. Coming from a team that has been ranked 1 in 8 from the Asian Championships held in the previous year

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But in the latter part of this list It is almost always a show that many nations send players in sets of two. or reserve players to compete for more experience And to prepare the team to compete in other programs next

And the AVC has also tried to change the format of this competition to be more interesting, which in 2018 was the last time the competition was held. in the men’s team The competition was held in Taiwan. Increase the number of teams in the group stage from the original 8 teams to 10 teams (but China withdrew)

In 2020, the problem of COVID-19 Therefore unable to organize the competition until in 2022 AVC has returned to organize the competition in this program again.

which in this competition Still have to wait to confirm the number of teams participating in the competition, but for sure is the Thai men’s national volleyball team. will definitely participate in this list

Thai youth slap team There were originally three tournaments this year: the SEA Games in Vietnam, the AVC Cup and the Asian Games in China, but the latter was postponed for next year. leaving only one program in the AVC Cup

The performance of the men’s team in the Southeast Asian Games in Vietnam was a failure. with finishing 4th with no medals in hand So in the AVC Cup, the only event left this year. Therefore, it should be a list of young Thai people. try to do the best to regain confidence

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Although the opponents in this round may be more difficult than in the SEA Games. But when many nations do not send the main players to compete It may make a young Thai Leverage a good form to compete with some competitors.

Which the results of the men’s team in the AVC Cup in Nakhon Pathom in 2016, the men’s team gave many young athletes the opportunity to compete for the first time, whether it was Bunyarit Wongthorn, Marwin Maniwong, Kantapat Koonmee, Kittipong Suksala, Kitisak (Chakrapop) Saengsee, together with veteran players such as Jirayu Raksakaew, Kittikhun Sriutthawong, Krisda Somkane

which we have works that may be seen as good It might be seen as bad. By finishing 7th out of all 8 teams, but in the final game We were able to win against Korea for the first time with a 3-0 set score.

This time we have come back to compete in Nakhon Pathom again. Along with expecting that our work will do well. to invoke confidence And faith can be returned after poor form in the SEA Games in Vietnam.

Follow and watch the AVC Cup 2022 in Nakhon Pathom province between 7-14 August 2022 via PPTV HD channel number 36, in addition to cheering for the Thai national team. You’re guaranteed to watch the fierce attacking game of Japan’s strong back-back Otake Isse B as well.




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