Nihon Falcom, the second installment of Switch “Ys Memoire -Fergana’s Oath-” released in the spring of 23 “Ys -Fergana’s Oath-” HD remaster and additional elements | gamebiz

It’s Falcomwill release “Ys Memoire -Fergana’s Oath-“, an HD remastered version of “Ys -Fergana’s Oath-” with additional elements, as a second Nintendo Switch in-house title, in spring 2023.

■ About “Ys Memoire – Oath of Felgana”
Released as a PlayStation®Portable (PSP) version in 2010, “Ys -The Oath of Felghana-“, which has been highly praised as one of the best masterpieces in the “Ys” action RPG series, has been remastered in HD and added new elements Further upgrades.

In addition to voice events with all 30 or more characters, a new voice will be added to the main character Adol Christine (CV: Yuki Kaji). Together with the narration by Mr Banjo Ginga, the story will be more dramatic.

In addition, all the character illustrations in the drama have been redrawn as “Refined Ver.” Since the “Classic Ver” used in the PC version and the PSP version is also included, it is possible to change the graphics during the game according to the player’s taste. BGM and various SEs will also be of high quality.

In addition to the “original version” used in the PC version of “Ys -The Oath of Felgana-“, you can choose from three types of BGM in the game: the original version “PC-8801” and “X68000 version ” .

Has a new function “high speed mode” which can change the ~ battle field movement to 1.5 times / 2.0 times. It can be changed at any time with one button, realizing a more comfortable game play.

In addition, various support functions for beginners of action games are also installed, such as the “Not Fall” function that allows you to immediately recover without damage even if you fall from a high place.

■ “Ys Memoire – Oath of Fergana” Product Overview

Product Name Ys Memoire -Lw Felgana-
genre Action RPG
Compatible models Nintendo Switch™
Release date Scheduled for Spring 2023
price to be determined

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