Nikhila Vimal, actress Nikhila on drug use Nikhila Vimal Movies – Nikhila Vimal on drug issue in film industry

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Nikhila Vimal is an actor who has won the hearts of the audience. Now Nikhila’s words about using drugs in the film industry are going viral. Nikhila says drugs are said to be used more often in films, but it is used in all fields. Nikhila said that using drugs is a personal choice and she is not interested in it. Nikhila said that drugs should be used in such a way that it does not cause problems to those around them. There is a place here to do anything in private. Do not influence others. It is bad to do it in a place where others might find it difficult. The actress added that it is not something that no one will do if they are told not to do it. He is active. Nikhila asks if she can be active without taking drugs, then why is she taking them? These are the words of Nikhila. Using drugs is just like smoking cigarettes. When I was younger, drinking and smoking cigarettes was a big problem for me. Now it’s social drinking and there’s nothing wrong with doing it around you. I don’t think there is any problem with those who know how to clean. There are those who do it without bothering anyone. This is their clear choice. Do not disturb others. This is a place to do anything in your privacy.

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