Nikkei average closes = continued growth, US long-term interest rate decline supports high semiconductor-related etc. | Reuters

On June 24, the Nikkei average closed at 26,491.97 yen, up 320.72 yen from the previous business day, on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Taken at the Tokyo Stock Exchange in October 2020. (2022 Reuters / Kim Kyung-Hoon)

[Tokyo 24th Reuters]–The Nikkei average in the Tokyo stock market continued to grow to 26,491.97 yen, up 320.72 yen from the previous business day, closing the transaction. From the approach to the afternoon, the rate of increase gradually expanded, and steady price movements continued. In response to the declining trend of US long-term interest rates, semiconductor-related stocks and growth stocks with high prices have become conspicuous. The Nikkei average remained a firm downside even after taking over the trend of the rise in US stocks the day before and approaching a small high. The price gradually increased toward the close, and temporarily rose by 347.91 yen to 26,519.16 yen. Overtime US stock futures have strengthened to support investor sentiment, and the repurchase of stocks with heavy upsides has recently increased. Supported by the declining trend of US long-term interest rates, stocks related to semiconductor manufacturing equipment and high PER (price-earnings ratio) were sought after and contributed to the boost of the index. On the other hand, petroleum and coal products had heavy top prices. The dollar / yen pair has become stronger than the day before, and there are many stocks that do not even have export-related stocks such as automobiles. In the market, there was a voice saying, “The market price where the content of the color is determined by the trend of the US long-term interest rate and the crude oil price continues, and today is the day of semiconductors” (Masayuki Otani, General Manager of Investment Information Department, Securities Japan). ..

TOPIX closed at 1866.72 points, up 0.81%. The trading value of the TSE prime market was 2,598,483 million yen. Among the 33 industries of the TSE, the price increase was in 23 industries such as shipping, chemical industry, and service industry, and the price decrease was in 10 industries such as petroleum / coal products, insurance industry, and air transportation industry.

Tokyo Electron, Recruit Holdings, and M3 were firm, and Shin-Etsu Chemical and NYK were also strong. On the other hand, Toyota Motor, ENEOS Holdings, and Daiichi Seimei Holdings were weak.

The number of rises and falls in the TSE prime market was 1336 stocks (72%), 446 stocks (24%), and 56 stocks (3%).

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