Nikkei average falls back, Softbank G is over 8% cheaper Omicron also weighs | Reuters

[Tokyo 6th Reuters]–The Nikkei average has fallen back on the Tokyo stock market. In addition to the dislike of the weakening of US stocks last weekend, there were concerns about the acceleration of tapering (gradual reduction of quantitative easing) in the US and a sense of caution over the new coronavirus mutant “Omicron strain”. Individually, the SoftBank Group, which has a high index contribution, fell by more than 8% from the previous business day, which was a factor that pushed down the Nikkei average by about 96 yen.

On December 6, the Nikkei average fell back on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The photo is a stock price board in Tokyo. Taken in October 2013 (2021 Reuters / Toru Hanai)

The Nikkei average started with a slight increase from the low price of the previous week, but immediately after that, it became a selling advantage centering on the main stocks, and at one point it fell by 335.66 yen to 27,693.91 yen. was there. After that, overtime trading supported the firm price movements of US stock futures, and the price gradually declined.

Yutaka Miura, a senior technical analyst at Mizuho Securities, said, “In addition to concerns about accelerated tapering and caution against Omicron stocks, Asian stock prices have fallen due to the decline in IT stocks of Chinese companies. It has spurred a fixed sale. ” The consumer price index (CPI), which will be announced on the 10th in the United States this week, is drawing attention in the market, and it is easy to develop a search for a lower price.

Individually, SoftBank Group fell 8.2% to 5103 yen on the 7th. It was updated every day since the beginning of the year (5423 yen = 3 days). In addition to the weak movement of Alibaba shares held and the uncertainty of the plan to sell the British semiconductor design arm under its umbrella to NVIDIA, the deterioration of supply and demand was also noticed at the moment.

In addition, Daiichi Sankyo and Chugai Pharmaceutical are also significantly cheaper. FAST RETAILING, Tokyo Electron, and KDDI were very high at 1%.

TOPIX also fell back to 1947.54 points, down 0.53%. The trading value of the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange was 2,507,149 million yen. Among the 33 TSE industries, 16 industries such as information / communications, pharmaceuticals, and precision equipment have dropped in price. Prices have risen in 16 industries such as mining, shipping, pulp and paper. The banking business remained unchanged.

The number of rises and falls in the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange was 835 (38%) for the rise, 1245 (57%) for the fall, and 104 (4%) for the same.

Closing price Low / high price compared to the previous day

Nikkei 225 27927.37 -102.20 28069.96 27,693.91─28,081.04

TOPIX 1947.54 -10.32 1961.38 1,941.89─1,963.24

TSE trading volume (10,000 shares) 108694.00 TSE trading value (100 million yen) 25071.49