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■ Stella Veloce

[Interim adjustment]Last year, the perfect attendance for the Ouma Classic was a good fight with 3rd, 3rd and 4th place. It seemed that the Kikuka-sho and Arima Kinen weren’t perfect because of the content of the overtake, whether the fatigue of running through the Kobe Shimbun Hai in the bad riding ground continued.Arima KinenAfter finishing 4th, GII will start the season as early as 2 weeks. The middle is also adjusted by the stables, and board the CW course every day. On the 4th, Jockey M. Demuro on the saddle straddled and made his first contact this year. As if to check the condition, I finished as a horse from beginning to end. After that, I put it on a slope and adjusted it while gradually increasing the load.

◆[Nikkei Shinshun Cup 2022 Forecast / Overtake Diagnosis]The “S” rating that surpasses Stella is Anoma.

[Final run-off]Jockey M. Demuro on the saddle rides on the 4th. It was planned to be a horse at the Ritto CW course, but it was not possible to catch the companion horse of the 3-year-old 1-win class in the form of a big chase, and as a result it became a single run chase. The clock itself is not bad with the last 1F 11 seconds 2 entering from the 6F8 1 second range, and it is a word that is full of play after the saddle gives a go-ahead. The tiredness of the GI series is not seen, and it can be said that the movement itself is going well.

[Opinion]Although the feeling of dynamism has returned compared to the Kikuka Award and Arima Kinen, the fact that the planned menu could not be digested is a deduction factor. In the middle of the process so far, the horse that was switched on with a horse was not able to be turned on this time, so it is unknown how it will affect the race. It is not a sudden rise, but a battle that covers with a difference in ability.

Comprehensive evaluation “A”

◆[Nikkei Shinshun Cup 2022 Forecast / Overtake Diagnosis]Low rating of dissatisfaction with popular corner “B” Not enough compared to peak time “Reaction is slow”

◆[Nikkei Shinshun Cup 2022 Forecast / Overtake Diagnosis]Highly rated for the less popular horses in the previous race “A”

◆[Nikkei Shinshun Cup 2022 / Pedigree Tendency]Expect a “blow” for a hole horse with a win recovery rate of “540%” that emerges from the combination of “pedigree x winter”

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Stella Veloce Nikkei Shinshun Cup Nikkei Shinshun Cup 2022 Overtake

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