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[Interim adjustment]After finishing 2nd in the Mermaid Stakes, which was the first challenge in the group race, Chukyo Kinen, Niigata Kinen, and GIQueen Elizabeth Cup3rd place in 3 consecutive races. Although the previous run, Queen Elizabeth Cup, was suitable for development, the powerful catch-up in a straight line proved the strengthening of the ground strength from the “type that runs as an opponent”. Take a break from the previous run and resume training from the end of December. From there, it was adjusted on Ritto Sakaji, and on the 5th, the load was firmly applied to 4F 52 seconds 5-1F 12 seconds 5 (full). I was chased from beginning to end, but I showed a certain step until the end, and the impression that it was already finished by this chasing.

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[Final run-off]A horse on the Ritto CW course with an assistant on his back. I chased the open horse King of Koji scheduled to run in the American JCC next week, and while becoming a horse, I digested the final rehearsal of a perfect match to the last. 5F66 seconds 3-1F11 seconds 5 is my best. The menu contents and how to apply the load are the same as at the time of Queen Elizabeth Cup, so you can face it with a finish comparable to the previous run of GI.

[Opinion]The movement a week ago was also wonderful, but the final follow-up is notable. The horse, which had been irritated before, was able to put up with it this time, and was in a position to be able to play at any time as long as a go-ahead was given. If this is the case, is it possible to attach it to a certain position even in the actual race? With the impression of being peeled off, it can be said that it is more than the previous run.

Comprehensive evaluation “A”

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