Nikki already answered.. Ein in the clip, Muk Woranit said his name, definitely didn’t mean this person!

Nikki Nachat confirmed that another voice, Enan, likes to mess with the villagers’ fans in the clip, Mook Woranit rang out in the middle of the show. It doesn’t mean Gina The Face after a lot of people share it.

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It is an issue that Kham Khao Phuek has talked about quite a bit. In the case of Muk Woranit, in the middle of Nikki Nachat’s show, to one of her plaintiffs who told friends that they would come to the scene Even though Mook is dating a man, there are leaks that “That’s it, um-what is it?” and “What’s wrong with the local fans!” and also called the middle of the show But the team censored it.

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This event has been linked to Gina The Face, who had recently had news with Muk Woranit (2 December 2021), Nikki Nachat, therefore, made a clear announcement at the comments in the clip that “There are many people. Let’s share. It’s Gina. No, no. Mook didn’t mention Gina at all.”

Gina The Face

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previously Mook had already given an interview to the media that “It’s not the person everyone thinks.” while the Gina It appears to be preparing to file a lawsuit against a keyboard troll who has made outrageous comments about her.

Nikki Nachat

Image from Instagram nickynachat


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