Nilaye Trolly Pearly; Supporters say the baby should at least be left alone

Pearli Mani and Srinish are favorite actors of Malayalees. Now Malayalees love their daughter Nila more than them. Anchor and actress Pearli Mani and actor Srinish fell in love on Bigg Boss and later got married.

The actor who is active on social media often shares her daughter’s pictures and videos.Pearli Mani has shared beautiful pictures of her daughter.Kunju Nila is watching cartoons on TV.Nila is using AC remote to change the channel. Pearly Mani has shared the photos with the caption ‘AC floor remote is used to change the channel’.

But the fans have left many comments on the picture of their baby. What a beauty to look at. There are many comments like the eyes are great Sreenish and Pearli Mani’s daughter Nila Sreenish will be born in 2021. Fans are waiting for the new photo and video of baby Nila.

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