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Nimble Neuron ‘Eternal Return’ to enter MS Store… Selected as a featured game

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[이코노믹리뷰=민단비 기자] Nimble Neuron, a subsidiary of Neptune (217270), announced on the 19th that the PC online game ‘Eternal Return’ will officially enter the MS Store.

Source = Nimble Neuron

With the launch, marketing support for the Windows operating system and MS Store, and marketing support for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will begin. It is the first domestic PC game.

Eternal Return is selected as a featured game and will be exposed to users on the main page and main page of the game category from today, when it enters the MS Store. The ‘Xbox App’ main page, which is installed by default from Windows 11, will also be exposed as a featured game along with the ‘Game Pass Ultimate’ membership benefits.

Since Eternal Return is a free game, you can enjoy the game without having to sign up for the Xbox Game Pass as long as you have the ‘Xbox App’ installed on your PC.

Among the Xbox Game Pass membership, ‘Xbox Game Pass Ultimate’ subscribers are given a perks worth 80,000 won to acquire Eternal Return characters, etc. The company explained that Eternal Return is the first case of receiving a game pass special feature among domestic PC games.

On the other hand, Eternal Return is a game in which up to 18 players use various strategic battles to determine the last person or team. At the end of September, a new character ‘Camilo’ was added, allowing a total of 39 characters to be used. It was released in Early Access form on Steam in October last year, and started service in Daum Game last July.


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