NINE FLOWERS| “Cezanne·Four Seasons” Yasuo Immersion Art Show The Beauty of the Four Seasons_Aesthetics_Clothes_China Academy of Oil Painting

Original title: FLOWER NINE|”Cezanne·Four Seasons” Immersive Art Show Praise the Beauty of the Four Seasons

Travel through time and space to capture the inspiration of modern art. Taikang & FLOWER NINE’s immersive art show “Cezanne·Four Seasons” will slowly start at Suzhou Guardian·Youai Art Center on August 27, 2022. Wearing Chinese clothes, you can visit Cezanne’s “Four Seasons” to freeze the beauty of the fleeting seasons . And in the art world, walk gracefully. Elegance and timeless beauty.

FLOWER NINE entered the Taimiao Painting Exhibition of the Palace Museum, and entered the Guardian Youai Art Center of the Chinese Academy of Oil Painting. Beneath the infiltration of art, its pursuit is etched into the brand’s DNA. When clothes become a carrier of art. Clothes are not only practical, but also works of art that carry aesthetic ideas. This FLOWERNINE “Cezanne·Four Seasons” immersive art show pays tribute to Cézanne, meets the starting point of modern art, and makes a warm artistic resonance for his works to visit the first stop in China – Suzhou Guardian · Youai Art Center.

Beauty is the eternal pursuit of NINE FLOWERS

Life is floating like a dream, wandering freely. The FLOWER NINE haute couture series has always been committed to the pursuit of beauty. For example, the series of clothes displayed in this big show, bright shadows cut through the darkness, and under the bright light, it reflects the new life of fashion. Texture and light capture the pulse of the seasons. Gilt clothes, shining stars. Mellow color, smudge elegant style. There are luxurious and complex aspects of Western aesthetics, but its luxury is not superficial, but a refined mindset based on the school of Eastern aesthetics, transformed into a higher level aesthetic expression.

Haute Couture and Pragmatism

FLOWER NINE has always maintained a persistent and persistent attitude towards the integration and innovation of culture, art and design. Let haute couture not only be about craftsmanship, but become a conceptual output of self-expression, which is to follow a way of life. For example, the high-end ready-to-wear series displayed in this major show is neatly tailored, permeates elegant silhouettes, and draws on the laws of modern art. Mixed with repetition and lightness, you can realize the four endless seasons. Combining art with pragmatism and integrating it into consumers’ lives.

In this Taikang & FLOWER NINE·Cezanne Four Seasons theme conference, I would like to thank a high-end brand customized by Taikang Insurance Group – Happy You for the full support. Taikang Insurance Group has been listed on the Fortune Global 500 list for five consecutive years. “Happy Appointment” combines virtual insurance products with physical medical care and health care services to build three closed loops of “longevity, health and wealth”. Create a large health industry ecosystem, turn the ideal of “cradle to paradise” into a realistic business model, and provide customers with a full life cycle of health wealth planning solutions. Art is inseparable from vitality, and there is an artistic contract with FLOWER NINE in late summer and early autumn.

Private high customization brand FLOWER NINE has always been adhering to the brand idea of ​​discovering beauty, exploring beauty, creating beauty and inheriting beauty, insisting on attaching Eastern and Western aesthetic ideas to the soul of clothes, and showing the inner language of clothes while looking beautifully The pursuit of fashion makes clothes culturally significant and fashionable. In the production process, it is laid out with ingenuity, and the aesthetic memory is woven by hand. FLOWER NINE recreates the art space. In addition to the linearity of time, early spring sprouts in midsummer, and late autumn stands in cold winter. Art inhabits everything, like paintings, like neon clothes, timeless and new.Return to Sohu, see more