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CREATION – Nine residents in the area were chosen as The Heroes History West Virginia in recognition of their efforts to preserve the history and heritage of the North Panhandle.

Other and other recipients are recognized throughout the state on February 21 during the events of West Virginia West History at the Capitol state in Charleston.

The 2019 honors include Laura Carroll, Alan Fitzpatrick, Roger Micker, David J. Perri and Barbara Pirhalla, every Wheeling; Jon Smith de Bellaire; Tom and Judi Tarowsky of St. Clairsville and Carla Tustin de Triadelphia.

Local History Fame is involved in a wide variety of projects to benefit from area organizations. Highlights of their biographical sketches include:

Wheel, ∫ Carroll, of Wheeling, named by Wheeling Heritage, was praised for her work to record the papers of former LaBelle Nail Co through a Wheeling Heritage project. She organized, cleaned and republished the documents "In about 100 boxes now used by historians and other researchers."

Now an archivist in the Ohio County Public Library, she is involved in archiving the Wheeling documents and has been working with the American Legion, Post 1, to archive her documents.

∫ Fitzpatrick, who named Fort Henry Living History Inc., participated in Fort Henry Days since its inception in 1997 and is a former member of the organization. He wrote four books on the history of Native American People in the Ohio Valley.

∫ Micker, who nominates Roundtable Civil War Ohio Valley, is the current president of that group and organizes a symposium sponsored by the round. It offers live history presentations, lectures and talks.

In Western West Western Wheel in Wheeling, he organized and presented modern versions of the John Brown trial in 2017 and 2018. He served on the 150 Ohio Civil War committee.

∫ Perri, who was named at Fort Henry's Sons of the American Revolution, meant Fort Henry's Life History and Fort Henry Days as a re-enactor and battle co-ordinator. He was an overall co-ordinator of Fort Henry Days four years ago. As a result of his biggest membership efforts for the Son of the American Revolution.

∫ Pirhalla, in the name of the Old Vision Association, serves on the board of directors of the neighborhood group and is a member of the association's design review committee.

2017 Travel Organizer Save Our Structures, she researched the history of North Wheeling and early residents. She worked with her husband to reform four houses.

∫ Smith, named by Friends of Wheeling, is a master craftsman and a laboratory preliminary in the Belmont College buildings conservation and restoration program. He worked on unforeseen historical conservation projects in West Virginia.

∫ The Tarowskys, who designated the County Marshall Historical Society, spent a number of years developing educational programs at Cockayne Farmstead in Gleann Dale and researching conservation projects at historic property. He was a part-time program director for four years and worked with.

The Tarowskys were involved in organizing their mother-daughter's tea, tours and Victorian talks to exploit the farm.

∫ Tustin, named by the Wheeling Area Generation Association, is described "Resistant researcher" graveyard markers and genealogical information in the county of Ohio, Marshall, Brooke and Belmont.

"Over the past six years, she responded 3,846 great information requests and provided more than 20,000 photos to Find A Grave," his nominees said.

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