“Ninety-nine” guess the word! Primary school homework test failed parents 9 incredibly brain-burning questions to solve

The Lunar New Year is over, and the Lantern Festival is coming soon. Many people will go out to enjoy lanterns or eat Lantern Festival in order to meet the occasion. Among them, there are also “guessing lantern riddles” is a very interesting traditional Lantern Festival custom. However, recently, a parent saw that the child’s homework was to guess lantern puzzles, which made him feel very angry, so he posted a message online to ask netizens for help to solve the problem. In this regard, the Chinese teacher said, in fact, this kind of guessing game can not only test children’s ability to combine characters, but also understand pictographs and ideographic characters, which is quite meaningful.

9 “Character Guessing” questions are extremely brain-burning and answer jokes online: write homework on your own

In addition to eating Lantern Festival and admiring lanterns, traditional Lantern Festival customs include guessing lantern riddles, but only a few questions have become homework for children during the winter holidays. One parent failed the test, so he posted one article online to ask netizens for help in solving the questions. Let the parents and children on the road guess, and the people said, “Can I go to the next question? It is so difficult, and I rarely see this type of question.”

Chinese teacher Zou Tongyi answered these 9 questions, “there are feathers in the window” the answer is “fan”, “three people go to Japan” the answer is “spring”, “a dog with two mouths” guess the word “cry” “,” The answer to “thunder but no rain” is “field”, “everyone is here” is “inverted”, and the answer to “big sheep” is “beauty”.

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Guess 1 word!Ninety Nine Answers to “White” Identify Chinese Pictographs and Characters

There is also a question “ninety nine” to guess a word. Zou Tongyi said that it is “white”, “it is one hundred hundred, and if one less stroke is missing, it becomes white.” Zou Tongyi pointed out that this can lead children to understand Liushu, pictographs and ideographic characters, and understand the ability to add and subtract strokes in these characters.

The public also think that it is not bad and very suitable for the occasion, and they will definitely think of ways to use their brains, they can think together, and it can also allow students to experience folk culture traditional.

The seemingly simple word puzzles actually have a lot of information, parents can discuss ideas with their children, and improve the interaction between parent and child.

Taipei / Liu Zhiyu, Ye Lingfan Editor in charge / Yin Minghui

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