“Ning Panita” updates on divorce, “Jin” proceeds to sue the third person causing problems

Ning Panita updated Jin Jarin’s divorce story to keep it on time. These days, I only do my best for my parents. Now go ahead and prosecute the third hand, confident in the available evidence.

Rest your body, rest your mind, fly to the sky to work far to other countries. For the hottest villain in legend Ning Panita This event has many hot topics waiting to explode. The two hot topics worth watching Sad hashtag messages And the news that many people are wondering about family status Divorce, the collection of love, the villain, where will the mother end up, the “Sao Ning” latest ready to open her heart, clear in a hurry with reporters sent directly from Paris. France entirely

Recent posts about hashtags #What does my existence mean?
“It must be said that it was a music video that someone had the opportunity to play with Nong T. Jessester, many people were confused about how they knew each other. I have to say that we were the organizers of all musicals before that, Nong always gave us advice. Because we always ask him for help. until he actually wrote this song He’s down and his first music video is out. And coincidentally, it coincides with certain events in our lives. So he wants us to be part of part one.

what a song of my existence It’s not supposed to be about love between husband and wife only. He wrote this song as a family story. And it’s the story of today’s society where it happens when we wish someone well. And if he doesn’t see our good intentions We can live alone. One day, if he could look back and see it, it would be good. But if they don’t see us, we’re the ones who wish each other well, that’s all. is to have the opportunity to work there.”

Family matters with previous news how was the episode Has the situation improved?
“Well, at the moment, it will all be news. No matter what, let it be a website whoever will understand, but for us, we have done our best. and we are perfectly fine.”


Many people still think about divorce?
“That we put it back in time. The answer can only tell time itself. Which is a conclusion that is a clear answer for both of us But today, what we can do best is to do our best for Nirin’s parents. As for the husband and wife relationship, we don’t have to think about that anymore. These days, do your best with your parents. And in order for us to function as a good mother today, we also have to make ourselves strong as well. So, today everyone will see our picture in terms of doing more business.”

The recent trip to Switzerland-France is considered rest and relaxation?
“It’s called coming to work. It’s a journey to work, but it’s a lot of fun. Because our agents who come are people who come from nothing. and got power from our team from every SEWA management team and then he did it back And today, believe it or not, we came to receive power from them. and went back to work again to make everything successful Rest your mind and have a lot of fun. You can go to many places that you dream of going to. Going to many places I haven’t had the chance to go. And if you push it with someone you know, it’s a very good trip, as well as other problems We say take it day by day. Because in the past, sometimes we focused on how it will be tomorrow, but we cannot know what the future will be like tomorrow. So take it moment by moment. The best day by day


As for the terms and conditions of the divorce agreement, is it over yet?
“Asking if it is over, we ask permission to answer this way, that today we are doing our best for our children as parents. Regarding the issue of the prosecution It also restates the old saying that the law is the best operator. We are no longer involved in this type of matter, but as of today, the court accepted the lawsuit and proceeded according to the legal process. the court accepts the lawsuit and what date will it be called? that we have sued on the third hand issue.”

How confident are you in the evidence we have?
“It is already clear because we are not to blame. If we are not wrong We believe that justice is needed. Our story is not a divorce. Because some people might misunderstand that we are really filing for divorce, not filing for divorce. But a third party lawsuit caused the problem. And if we say this sentence That means we are suing the 2nd person who caused the problem. Words will follow in the comments. So why not control those close to us? This is how we control people close to us.



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