Nintendo and Sony Set to Unveil New Games for Console Platforms in Upcoming Events

Enthusiasm for New Console Games Continues in Q4

The fourth quarter is expected to witness a surge in excitement for new games on major console platforms. Nintendo and Sony, two powerhouses that dominate the global console games market, have announced their plans to unveil information about upcoming games on consoles such as the Nintendo Switch and PS5.

Nintendo Direct: A Showcase of New Titles

Nintendo is scheduled to present a series of new revelations via ‘Nintendo Direct’ on the 14th at 11 PM. The event aims to offer insights into the highly anticipated titles set to hit the shelves this winter. The broadcast, lasting approximately 40 minutes, promises to be an exciting treat for gaming enthusiasts.

Anticipated highlights of this ‘Nintendo Direct’ include ‘Super Mario Bros. Wonder’ and ‘Super Mario RPG,’ which made their debut at a previous Nintendo Direct in June. These titles, expected to release in October and November, have garnered enormous anticipation among fans of the iconic IP. However, it is unlikely that ‘Super Mario Bros. Wonder’ will showcase additional information since an exclusive direct was aired on August 31st.

Sony’s ‘State of Play’ Event

Sony will hold ‘State of Play,’ an event to uncover details about its upcoming games, on the 15th. The video will be available from 6 am on the 15th in Korea. The focus of this event is to provide updates on previously announced titles.

Interestingly, ‘State of Play’ will primarily showcase indie games, PS VR2, and third-party partner titles, shifting the spotlight from first-party titles. This hints at exclusive news of new works, including ‘Marvel Spider-Man 2’ in the pipeline.

Excitement mounts as gaming enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the latest revelations from these industry giants. The new games promised by Nintendo and Sony are poised to further enthral players and keep the console games market on the edge of its seat.

The enthusiasm for new games on major console platforms is expected to continue in the fourth quarter. Nintendo and Sony, who dominate the global console games market, announced a series of displays to reveal information about new games to be released on consoles such as their Nintendo Switch and PS5.

First, Nintendo plans to present various new news via ‘Nintendo Direct’ at 11 PM on the 14th. The company plans to use this event to reveal information focusing on new titles slated for release this winter, and it has been announced that the broadcast will be around 40 minutes long.
In relation to this, two new works that are likely to reveal additional information in this ‘Nintendo Direct’ include ‘Super Mario Bros. Wonder’ and ‘Super Mario RPG’, which were first revealed at a Nintendo Direct last June. All are expected to be released in October and November, raising very high expectations among IP fans. However, in the case of ‘Super Mario Bros. Wonder’, an exclusive direct took place on August 31st, so it is unlikely that additional information will be presented at the event on the 14th.

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Sony will hold ‘State of Play’, an event to reveal information about its new games, on the 15th. The video will be available starting at 6 am on the 15th in Korea, and the company explained that the event focuses on updating information about new titles that have been announced in advance.
Additionally, in the case of this ‘State of Play’, we intend to present indie games, PS VR2, and third-party partner titles rather than first-party titles, so expect exclusive new work news, including ‘Marvel Spider-Man 2’ , in the future.

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