Nintendo announced that a free addition of “Nintendo Switch Sports” “Golf” will be launched next week | 4 Gamers

Nintendo announced today (22nd) that the Nintendo Switch motion-sensing sports game “Nintendo Switch Sports” will add a seventh free sports “Golf” on November 28.

The golf ball features a total of 21 holes from the “Wii Sports” series. Players need to observe the direction of the land and the wind, determine the strength and direction of the golf ball and then swing the golf ball. The aim is to hit a goal with fewer strokes In addition to using Joy-Con to swing the pole, there are also high-tech techniques such as spin.


In online mode, in addition to playing with friends, the golf event can be played against up to 8 people at the same time in survival mode, and the players with the lowest score will be eliminated in turn.

It must be mentioned that this time Nintendo of Japan once again invited Yui Aragaki to shoot a commercial for this update. You can see how this homely and lovely lady plays, although she doesn’t seem to understand what it is “par” ﹍

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