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Nintendo denied media coverage on Twitter’s corporate public relations / IR account on July 19. There are various rumors about the Nintendo Switch, but it denied Bloomberg’s coverage.

The first thing they denied was Bloomberg’s report on the profitability of the Nintendo Switch (organic EL model). Co-authored by Takashi Mochizuki and Yuki Furukawa, the Nintendo Switch (organic EL model) reports that the cost of parts will only increase by about 1,100 yen compared to the current model. Citing comments from US research firm DSCC’s Yoshio Tamura and British research firm OMDIA’s Akira Minamikawa, “The cost of parts per new model will only rise by about $ 10 (about 1100 yen). “.

The Nintendo Switch (organic EL model) has a list price of 37,980 yen (tax included), which is 5,000 yen higher than the current model’s 32,980 yen. After all, it is reported that the difference of 3900 yen contributes to the improvement of profitability because the parts price is only 1100 yen higher but the game machine is 5000 yen higher.

Nintendo denied this report. “On July 15, 2021 (Japan time), it was reported that the Nintendo Switch (organic EL model) would be more profitable than the Nintendo Switch, but this is not the case.” ing.

Nintendo continued, “In addition, we will release the Nintendo Switch (organic EL model) in October 2021, but we are not currently planning any other new models.” This may also refer to Bloomberg’s coverage. Takashi Mochizuki, mentioned earlier, also suggested in a separate article that new models other than the Nintendo Switch (organic EL model) may be released. Quoted from comment by Serkan Toto, an analyst at Kantan Games, a domestic consulting firm. While touching on the global semiconductor shortage, Toto thinks that the Nintendo Switch (organic EL model) is a provisional model that will solve such semiconductor shortage and connect to the sequel to “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”. Was shown.

Speaking of Nintendo, it is basically open to media coverage. Regarding information disclosure, we will follow our own route and respond relatively flexibly to inquiries from the media. There are almost no cases of requesting correction. On the other hand, some media outlets have been troubled for many years.Even before, the late President Satoru Iwata strongly reported on the Nikkei newspaper.Was denyingBut this time it denies Bloomberg’s coverage. Bloomberg was partly a global economic magazine, and the two articles were spread globally. Nintendo itself has nailed such reports.

Nintendo Switch (organic EL model) is scheduled to be released on October 8.

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