Nintendo Switch game information that “supports Chinese” in the first Nintendo press conference in 2022

The following will sort out the relevant information about the works “scheduled to support Chinese” in this conference, organized by the official Nintendo Hong Kong:

Bahamut Video Game Crazy Pack: 10 new Switch games to look forward to

“Nintendo Switch Sports” will include 6 sports games, including tennis, which can be easily played by swinging the Joy-Con at the right time, bowling, which can make the ball go straight or turn by swinging, and make good use of attack or defense. To knock down the opponent’s fencing, etc. In addition to the 3 items that appeared in the Wii Sports series, 3 new items have been added.

First up is football, using huge balls for an exciting game! Players can use the Joy-Con to perform actions such as shooting and diving headers to enjoy the game, or they can install the Joy-Con on the included leg straps to simulate the action of kicking the ball and have a more intuitive shooting duel. . Next is badminton, in addition to being able to hit the ball left and right freely, as long as the timing is right, you can make a super imposing smash. Finally, there is volleyball. Players can operate the Joy-Con to complete actions such as serving, catching, tossing and smashing.

In addition to the Sportsmates that appeared in this game, the operating role can also choose Mii.

  • image

In addition to being able to play with family and friends through communication with nearby consoles, all items in this game support online play. Not just against your friends, the more you win in random matches, the stronger your opponents will be!

The game is scheduled to be released on April 29, 2022 (Friday), with a free update planned for the summer. In addition to the shooting duels already available at launch, players will be able to use the leg straps to play football matches. In addition, the game also plans to release another free update in the fall, with the addition of golf balls scheduled.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3, the latest game of the RPG “Xenoblade Chronicles” series featuring an endless field and a seamless combat system, is scheduled to be released in September 2022.

  • image

Six boys and girls who belong to two hostile countries “Corvis” and “Angnus” are about to start a story with “life” as the main axis.

  • image
  • image

The stage of the story “Ionion” has a magnificent natural environment, huge native creatures, and the giant mobile weapon “Iron Titan” used as an army stronghold.

  • image
  • image

This work is scheduled to be released in September 2022, so stay tuned for follow-up information.

“Fighting Skills” x “Football”, a new competitive sport “Ballball” with no rules has opened! “Mario Battle Striker Battle League” is confirmed to be released. This time, Mario and the others are going to challenge the new competition “Blast Ball” which is a 5v5 battle!

Whether it is holding the ball with your hands, hitting your opponent with punches and kicks, or using props to blast your opponent together with the field, all the ways of playing that are impossible in ordinary football fields are applicable, and it is a free-play competitive sport. Try your best to shoot as many goals as you can within the game time to win!

“Breakball” has two key points that can influence the game.

One is “equipment” that can change a player’s appearance and abilities. Each character has different parameters, some are faster, some are more accurate, but as long as you put on the “equipment” of each part, you can change the appearance and parameters. The equipment is divided into 4 types of head, arms, torso and legs. Players can customize equipment according to their own preferences to create unique players and teams.

The second is the “Super Blast”, a sure-fire shot that can score two points in one go. As long as you get the “S Orb” that appears on the field from time to time, you can unleash the powerful “Super Blast” shot again and again. Once the super explosive ball is successful, it can score two points in one breath, turning the game over.

One host can play against 4 players per team, up to 8 players. At the same time, it also supports the sharing Joy-Con function of holding the Joy-Con horizontally. Online play In addition to the free battle mode where you can randomly play against players from all over the world, you can also organize a club team of up to 20 people to log in and play the “Forward Club” mode against other clubs.

This work is scheduled to be released on June 10, 2022 (Friday), and the download version is now available for pre-order.

The Empire of Adriastea, the Holy Kingdom of Fargas, and the League of Leicester Princes. The story takes Fudora, the land ruled by these three forces, as the stage, and depicts the battlefield “Fire Emblem”, where each other’s justice is intertwined.

This work inherits the world and characters of the original work, interweaving a new story that may have also happened in the land of Fudora.

What awaits at the end of unseen history, is it hope or despair…?

  • image
  • image

In this work, the battle situation on the battlefield will change in real time. You can enjoy a battle that combines action and simulation while you control your own character to open the way, and send instructions to your partner to suppress the enemy.

In addition to combat, you can also decide the direction of your advance based on the situation on the map, and you can also enjoy dialogue with charming characters for the strategic part.

Experience the story of Fire Emblem from a new perspective in a way that can only be enjoyed in FIRE EMBLEM, which combines action and simulation elements.

The text display of this work supports Chinese, and you can freely choose traditional or simplified characters. The voices include both Japanese and English voices, so you can enjoy the story with your favorite voice.

In addition to players who have already played Fire Emblem Three Houses, even players who are new to the world of Fire Emblem Three Houses or the Warriors series can enjoy playing.

This work is scheduled to be released on June 24, 2022 (Friday), and the download version is now available for pre-order.

The deluxe version of “TREASURE BOX” is scheduled to be released on the same day

“FIRE EMBLEM Musou Kazuki TREASURE BOX”, which includes a set of character setting illustrations and acrylic models and other luxurious bonuses, is scheduled to be released on the same day. Please check the information below for details, and stay tuned for further news on pre-ordering this item.

  • image

※ The contents of this set are the same as the Japanese domestic version.

  • image
The latest footage from Sprague-Dawley 3 was announced today in the Nintendo Direct 2022.2.10. The content filmed this time is the “Salmon Run” that starts from the previous work “Splatoon 2” and challenges 2 to 4 people together. This time, I will take a special helicopter to the site and start work flexibly, so that the work can be carried out smoothly.

In the “Salmon Run NEXT WAVE” of this work “Sprague 3”, new part-time work experience will emerge in an endless stream. The following will introduce the content that appears in the latest film.

First, take a special helicopter to the part-time job site and start working with mobility! Equipment for business use has also been enhanced, evolving to withstand harsh environments and for more dangerous jobs.

  • image
  • image

A new function of “throwing salmon eggs” has been added to the “swimming ring” on the back. As long as a certain amount of ink is consumed, the golden salmon eggs can be thrown far away, and can also be passed to a companion or delivered directly from a distance. It is quite worth looking forward to the improvement of business efficiency.

  • image
  • image

Next, we discovered that the Salmon Front Base “New Scroll Castle” in the Desolate Region was a new part-time job site. It seems like a pretty thrilling work environment, with the goal being the spiraling swirling heights and salmon approaching from all sides.

  • image
  • image

In the barbaric area, in addition to the huge salmon that appeared in the previous game, you will also see new species of huge salmon inhabiting here, such as: “Pillarfish” that can stick into pillars and spray ink from a high place, and those who face the ground. A “diving fish” that attacks by the generated ring.

At the end of the film, there is an individual with a very large size, known as the “leader salmon” in the desolate area. Could it be that the ecology here is already…?

This work is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2022, so stay tuned for follow-up information.

Kirby Discovery is the first 3D action game in the Kirby series. The stage is an unknown “new world” that combines civilization and nature. Kirby embarks on an adventure to rescue the captured “Wadou Rudi”.

The new ability that appears in this work is “Mouth Mouth Transformation”. Fill the mouth with a car and run on the field, attack with a vending machine with a can of juice, or break a water pipe with a triangular cone, depending on the item that fills the mouth, you can perform various actions, use and copy. Abilities Unique Actions Enjoy exploring.

After Wadourudi is rescued, the “Wadourudi Town” that becomes an adventure base will continue to grow. In the “weapon shop” in the town, familiar abilities can actually “evolve”! The number of attacks increases, the attack range becomes wider, and the appearance and power will be improved. It also has the ability to evolve more powerfully.

Then there is the brand new story that awaits Kirby. What is the purpose of the mysterious enemy “Beast Legion”? Will Kirby be able to restore peace to the new world?

The game is scheduled to be released on March 25, 2022 (Friday), and the download version is now available for pre-order.

Early Purchase Bonus for Boxed Edition

The early purchase bonus for the boxed edition is the Kirby Discovery Limited Backpack Cover. The design is based on Kirby’s new ability in this work – “filling the mouth”, and it can instantly turn into a cute Kirby when you put it on a backpack! The boxed version is now accepting pre-orders, please check with the store for details.

  • image
  • image

※ Refer to the picture, the bonus content does not include the backpack.

※ Quantity is limited, while stocks last.

The latest information on released game software

Paid new content “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Edition New Track Pass”

Paid new content “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Edition New Track Pass” is a collection of carefully selected and remastered tracks from previous tracks in the series. 8 tracks each time, divided into 6 releases, a total of 48 new tracks are scheduled to be added by the end of 2023. All tracks can be enjoyed using nearby host communication or online play.

The first round includes a total of 8 tracks including “Wii Coconut Plaza”, “N64 Chocolate Hill” and “Tour Tokyo Circuit”. It is scheduled to be released on March 18, 2022 (Friday), and pre-orders are now accepted.

In addition to purchasing paid new content separately, as long as you join the “Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack”, you can play during the joining period at no additional cost.

  • image
  • image

Joiners can play this paid addition during the join period. In addition to online play, you can play 5 basic services of Nintendo Switch Online such as “Family Computer Nintendo Switch Online” and “Super Famicom Nintendo Switch Online”, and you can also play “Nintendo 64 – Nintendo Switch Online” and other expansion pack designated content.

For service details of “Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack”, please click here.

Metroid Survival Fear

No matter how you increase your power, the ultimate difficulty “Survival Fear Mode” that ends the game with just one hit is lifted. Can you face such terror?

To unlock Survival Horror Mode, you must have Hard Mode clearance information (Hard Mode will appear after Normal Mode is cleared). There is also the newly added “novice mode”. The attack power of the boss is relatively low. After obtaining the recovery items that appear when the enemy is defeated, the recovery energy is also relatively large. It is a mode that players who are not good at action games can easily play.

In addition, the trial version that is being released also adds a newbie mode, which allows players to play against the early game BOSS “Korpis”. Players who feel difficult and discouraged should take this update as an opportunity and try to see “Metro” What about Survival Fear?

As the second bullet of the free update in April, “BOSS Assault” is scheduled to be added, which is a racing mode that allows you to play only against bosses in a row.

※ To play online, you need to be in an environment with an internet connection and join “Nintendo Switch Online” (paid).

※ The above is the screen under development.

A strategy RPG that faces its own justice

A brand new strategy RPG from SQUARE ENIX.

An epic story in beautiful HD-2D graphics, and combat with the depth of strategy games of yesteryear. The stage of the story is the war-torn continent of Nozelia, where players will have to make difficult choices.

Various choices and actions in the game will accumulate “beliefs” based on the three values ​​of “BENEFIT”, “MORAL” and “FREEDOM”, and affect the differences in the plot and the characters who join our camp.

What future will your justice lead to…?

This work supports Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese and is scheduled to be released on March 4, 2022 (Friday).

Legendary RPG now reborn

“LIVE A LIVE” will be reborn on Nintendo Switch using “HD-2D” video representation that combines pixmaps and 3DCG!

Seven stories with different eras, different protagonists, and different gameplay—it’s up to the player to decide which story to start with and how to progress.

In order to add color to the world, seven cartoonists are specially invited to serve as character designs, namely Aoyama Gosho, Ishiwaji, Kobayashi よしのり, Shimamoto Kazuhiko, Tamura Yumi, Fujiwara Yoshihide and Minagawa Ryoji.

In this work, Naoki Ikushima, who participated in the production of “OCTOPATH TRAVELER”, will draw a new illustration. The music was completely re-arranged under the supervision of Yoko Shimomura, who was in charge of the original song. The original director Tokita Takahashi also serves as the producer of this game, and is responsible for coordinating and directing the production of the game.

While retaining the original bloody and exciting plot development, the game content also enhances the playability for modern players. Not only players who have played the original version, but also players who are new to the game can enjoy the game.

This work supports Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese and is scheduled to be released on July 22, 2022 (Friday).

The Centennial Case: A Shijima Story

※ The screen when the game language is set to English.

Solve the mystery of death and find the answer to survive
New Benge School suspense and adventure game “Centennial Copy of Spring”

“The Centennial Case: A Shijima Story” is a suspense-adventure game of the “new nature” style revolving around eternal life. Players can challenge fair reasoning puzzles in the game. Collect “clues”, establish “hypotheses”, and solve the mystery with logic.

The mysterious death that occurred in the Forty Houses has been going on for a hundred years.

Kagawa Miharu, a suspense novelist who visits Shijianjia, will challenge to solve four murder cases spanning generations.

What kind of truth is hidden behind the “Red Tsubaki” and “Immortal Fruit” that brought death——

This work supports Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese and is scheduled to be released on May 12, 2022 (Thursday).

The immortal masterpiece “Taiko Desire V” has landed on Nintendo Switch with a brand-new evolution!

Take Japan’s Warring States Period as the stage and become the best in the world in different fields! “Taiko Desire V” will be launched on Nintendo Switch with a new evolution.

In “Taiko Desire Biography V DX”, players will take the stage of the Warring States Period when “Taiko” Toyotomi Hideyoshi rose, and play various identities to strive for “the best in the world”.

Players need to complete the tasks assigned by the lord, and the accumulated credit will increase step by step. But the road to success is not only “unifying the world” as a military commander, but also ninjas, businessmen, pirates, and tea people can become “Japan’s No. 1”.

In addition to improving the picture quality, this game has added up to 100 new generals, scripts, plots, endings and other new elements, and the game’s playability has been comprehensively enhanced. Experience the endless fun of the road to “No. 1 in the world” in the Sengoku period when Hideyoshi was active!

This work supports Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese and is scheduled to be released on May 19, 2022 (Thursday).

Adventure starts with the wind

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Wind Boy series, you can play the Remaster (digital remaster) versions of the Wind Boy door to phantomile and Wind Boy 2 Lunatea’s Veil at one time.

Use wind bombs to grab and throw enemies, and use simple operations to conquer difficult levels.

What unfolds in the fantasy world along with the game levels is a sad and twisted story with original characters. Ahead of the adventure, what is waiting for the end of Kronoa?

Improve the picture quality and maintain the original world view and gameplay, and you can easily play by adjusting the difficulty. Let’s embark on an adventurous journey with the more fun “Boy of the Wind”.

This work supports Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese and is scheduled to be released on July 7, 2022 (Thursday).

※”The Boy of the Wind door to phantomile” and “The Boy of the Wind 2 Lunatea’s Veil” are not sold separately.

※The first release of “The Boy of the Wind” and “The Boy of the Wind 2 Lunatea’s Veil” was not officially released in Taiwan.

Not only alone! More fun! Let’s play Taiko and have fun together!

The latest work of “Taiko Master” is about to debut on Nintendo Switch! This time, the stage came to the city where the world of Taiko is gathered, Mikoshi City! Let’s become a Taiko master together with my partner Xiaodong and my new friend Leiyun Duoduo, whom I met in Mikoshi City!

Includes 76 songs including “Red Lotus”, “Feel Special”, and “Running at Night”! Use “Progress Support” to repeatedly practice difficult areas and improve your skills! Enjoy playing battles in “Online Ranked Battles” with players from all over the world! It is also equipped with “Xiao Dong Band” and “Dong Ka Toy Wars” played by 4 people together, and a new mode that can be played together!

Not only alone! More fun! Let’s play Taiko and have fun together! You can also subscribe to the “Taiko Music Monthly Pass” for a fee to play more than 500 songs!

This work supports Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese and is scheduled to be released in 2022.

A common front to guide the false world

  • Powerful visual effects and dynamic operations, unfolding a bloody combat action game
    A combat action game with powerful visuals and explosive action tension.
    With the SD Gundam with a new look, players will be able to control the action RPG of MS with their own hands.
  • Correct the tampered Gundam history and experience famous scenes from the past
    Restore the distortion brought by the “history-breaking phenomenon” and guide the history of Gundam to return to the correctness.
    Travel around the world to eliminate threats and strengthen acquired units to defeat powerful enemies that stand in your way.
  • Go to the battlefield with your comrades and challenge missions
    Player 1 and 2 wingmen attack together to challenge various missions waiting for the player.
    The multiplayer mode will allow 3 players to play cooperatively at the same time.
    Challenge missions, acquire and strengthen new units, and go to the battlefield with your comrades!

This work supports Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese and is scheduled to be released in 2022.

※ The screen when the game language is set to Japanese.

in a corner of the world…

“LOOP8 Seance” is a “teenage RPG”. The story is set in the “Ashiharanaka Town” located in the Japanese countryside. The protagonist is involved in a battle with the “Kawai” that threatens human existence. Players will incarnate the protagonist in the game, establish interpersonal relationships with various characters, and spend the entire month of August.

This work has a built-in unique emotion recognition AI “Karel System”, which allows characters to change their behaviors like living human beings according to factors such as the atmosphere, desires, and relationships with others. In addition, the story will develop differently each time you play.

This work supports Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese and is scheduled to be released in 2022.

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