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The usage fee for “Nintendo Switch Online + Additional Pack”, which allows you to play Nintendo 64 and Mega Drive games on Nintendo Switch, has been announced. In the case of an individual plan, it will be 4900 yen in 12 months (365 days), and in the case of a family plan that can be used by up to 8 people, it will be 8900 yen in 12 months. The service is scheduled to start on October 26th.

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Nintendo Switch Online + Additional Pack is a new plan that allows you to use additional services for a fee in addition to the functions of the conventional Nintendo Switch Online. At the time of the announcement, two services were announced, “NINTENDO 64 Nintendo Switch Online” where you can play NINTENDO 64 games and “SEGA Mega Drive for Nintendo Switch Online” where you can play mega drive games. , I also found that you can play “Animal Crossing: New Year’s Forest Happy Home Paradise”, which is a paid additional content of “Animal Crossing: New Year’s Forest”, at no additional charge.

“Animal Crossing: New Clothes Forest Happy Home Paradise” is scheduled to be delivered on November 5, and can be purchased separately for 2500 yen, but users who have subscribed to “Nintendo Switch Online + Additional Pack” will be able to subscribe during the subscription period. You can play it for free. In addition, “NINTENDO 64 Nintendo Switch Online” and “SEGA Mega Drive for Nintendo Switch Online” will be available from October 26, and can be saved anywhere and played online by up to 4 players. In addition, Nintendo 64 has been announced to add “Custom Robo”, “Pokemon Snap”, “F-ZERO X”, etc. as titles scheduled to be distributed in the future (Mega Drive will add titles irregularly) ..

● Titles that can be played on “NINTENDO 64 Nintendo Switch Online”

・ Super Mario 64

・ Star Fox 64

・ The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

・ Sin and Punishment Heir to the Earth

・ Mario Kart 64

・ Mario Tennis 64

・ Yoshi’s Story


● Titles that can be played on “SEGA Mega Drive for Nintendo Switch Online”

・ Ecco the Dolphin

・ Gunstar Heroes

・ Golden Ax

・ Contra The Hardcore

・ The Super Shinobi II

・ Shining Force ~ The Legacy of the Gods ~

・ Strider Hiryu

・ Sonic the Hedgehog 2


・ Phantasy Star-At the end of the millennium-

・ Puyo Puyo

・ Bare Knuckle II Requiem for Death Fight

・ Warrior arrester

・ Lister the Shooting Star

Nintendo Switch Online + additional pack


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