Nintendo Switch Online one-year family subscription + 128GB microSD bundle for half price


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Recently, there are signs of another outbreak of the epidemic in Hong Kong and Taiwan. If there is no need to go out, it is better to stay at home and rest. There are quite a few multiplayer games on the Switch that can be played online, so I just took this opportunity to have a good time with friends. Now there is a special offer on Amazon, Nintendo Switch Online 12-month family plan subscription in the United States plus a 128 GB microSDXC card for the Switch version, the original price of US$69.98 is now 50% off at US$34.99,It is suitable for players whose accounts are in the US region or will be used across regions.

Click here to buy Switch Online + microSD bundle — US$34.99

If you don’t have much interest in online play, as long as you join Nintendo Switch Online, you can play more than 70 nostalgic super games, including “Metal Slug”, “Super Mario” and “Kirby”, etc. Relive the classics!

The Switch version of the microSD card has a unique appearance and is functionally the same as the normal version, with a read speed of 100MB/s and a write speed of 90MB/s, suitable for all devices compatible with microSD cards.


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