Nintendo Switch™ overseas package version “Mugen Senshi Valis COLLECTION II” to be released! |Edia Co., Ltd. press release

Since the publication of this work, we have received many inquiries about the overseas version and requests for the release of a package version to overseas from overseas users. At Edia, we have been working hard to meet the expectations of Valis fans abroad. We have decided to release a package version for North America. The North American version of the pack will be sold in collaboration with Limited Run Games (LRG), a game publisher in North Carolina, USA, and will be available at LRG’s official online store at 10:00 am on September 16, 2022 (Eastern United States ) We have started accepting orders for a limited period of standard time). As a product line, in addition to the normal version, we will also prepare a deluxe version that includes multiple benefits.

In addition, we are preparing to sell the download version for overseas, and we will inform you separately as soon as the details are decided.

  • About Limited Run Games

Game publisher founded in 2015 and headquartered in North Carolina, USA.
We partner with indie game developers and small and medium-sized game publishers to package pre-sold games for download, and mostly produce and sell limited quantities. Since 2015, more than 1000 titles have been released, including game software and game-related merchandise such as Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4/5.

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  • About “Mugen Senshi Valis”

“Mugen Senshi Valis” is a side-scrolling action game released by Nippon Telenet for PC in 1986. A high school girl in a sailor suit and bikini armor brandishes a sword and fights monsters.It has a unique world view, and not only the beautiful girl character is visually key, but also the strong action and story in game fans. Capturing the hearts of fans, sequels were produced and transferred to other models one after the other. Even now, 35 years after its release, it is a title that has many enthusiastic fans.

■ “Mugen Senshi Valis COLLECTION II” trailer.

Phantom Warrior Valis Official Site

Mugen Senshi Valis Official Twitter

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