Nintendo’s Latest Game Fire Emblem Engage Gets Manga Adaptation Next Month

Sunday, January 22, 2023, 8:16:11 pm Indochina time

Nintendo a Intelligent Systems publish that Engagement Fire Emblem It is being adapted into a manga.

Engagement Fire Emblem It is a recently released staple in the franchise. Fire Emblem long-running with the latest named protagonist Already After a thousand years of sleep he woke up and realized he had lost his memories. So he had to set about restoring the ring. Emblem All 12, the keys to their past, are returned by the circle. Emblem These contain the souls of the main characters. Fire Emblem In the past, being called from another world as Marth, Celica a Ike

Along with this latest release is a manga adaptation that will begin publication Saikyo’s jump which is a monthly manga magazine released in Japan. Most manga adaptations are spin-off manga series, with an introduction Engagement Fire Emblem It will premiere on February 3, 2023, and the first episode will air on March 3, 2023.

This manga will be adapted by Kazurou Kyou who had worked before Dead-headed host, Himedol!! a Houkago Idol It uses a main character Engagement Fire Emblem in Already The manga will be in a monthly Manga male version. which will be released once a month

manga Engagement Fire Emblem The first three chapters will be available to read for free from now on Weekly Shonen Jump Plus and any chapters released after that will only be read for free for three weeks. And you must have an account and subscribe to the service. If anyone wants to re-read old episodes or catch up on episodes they missed out. Nintendo also revealed Engagement Fire Emblem The manga edition has a few pages showing how the main character, Already Still sleeping and rewinding to past events

Engagement Fire Emblem Available now on Nintendo Switch