Nintendo’s next-gen console codenamed ‘Hawk’? The performance is rumored to be about the same as PS4 and it also supports ray tracing.


For now, with the release of the Nintendo Switch, game consoles that can enjoy TV mode and handheld mode will continue for a while (・ ∀ ・)

Nintendo’s next generation machineRumors are spreading around, but new this time

Code nameorperformance

Information about him seems to be flowing on foreign bulletin boards.

In recent years, a portable gaming PC called “Steam Deck” has become popular.

I’m curious about how Nintendo’s new game console will be differentiated (・`ω・´)

Nintendo next gen console codenamed ‘Hawk’? Is there a development kit available?


The existence of a next generation machine that Nintendo itself has stated it is developing.

Starting with that, there are various rumors about Nintendo’s next generation consoles, but this time,

Code name

Information about.

The Nintendo Switch was also named “NX,” but what is Nintendo’s next-generation console?

Hawk (HWK)

It appears as said.

Translated into Japanese, it means “hawk.”

By the way, Nintendo’s next generation machine

development kit

is distributed to each game company, and its codename


It’s like… what does this mean?

Implemented the same functions as the Nintendo Switch. What about compatibility?


And in the rumour, Nintendo’s next generation machine

Nintendo Switch 2 (Switch2)

As you said, it was implemented on the Nintendo switch

TV mode
manual mode

It is said that this way of playing will also be implemented on Nintendo’s next generation machines.

In addition to that, it is said that “new functions” will be implemented, but this is still unknown.

For now, just like the Nintendo Switch, the main unit also has a display,

7″ 1080p OLED

it is said to be adopted, and when it comes to play in television mode

4K 30FPS

It is also said in the rumor that it will correspond to.


By the way, I’m curious about Nintendo’s next generation machine

Is it compatible with Nintendo Switch

So, although this is not mentioned in the rumor, Nintendo’s next gen console

game card

appeared to be adopted, and the shape of the game card is

a little wider

It is said (・`ω・´)

If this story is true, I’m a little worried about how this difference in shape will affect him.

The performance of Nintendo’s next generation machine is about the same as the PS4. Is it compatible with ray tracing?

And Nintendo’s next generation machine


This rumor also talks about… Roughly

About PS4



The SoC is made by NVIDIA following the Nintendo switch.

It has 16GB of RAM, with 2GB for the operating system, 10GB for games, and 4GB for swap.

This will be

fast load times

As well as coming

Trace Ray

It is also said that it will be compatible with ray tracing… but it is said that ray tracing will not be used much.

Well, the specs might be a little inferior to the Steam Deck, but…

Well, I’m a little worried how Nintendo’s work will be expressed if it can be played with PS4 level performance (・`ω・´)


So this recap…

・ Nintendo’s next generation machine (Nintendo Switch 2) will be code named Hawk (HWK)?
・Development kits (HTW) for Nintendo’s next generation machines seem to be distributed to all game companies.
・ Like Nintendo Switch, you can enjoy TV mode and mobile mode. In addition, new functions are expected to be implemented.
・ Adopted “7 inch 1080p OLED” for the main body?
・ Supports 4K 30fps in TV mode?
The size of the game card is said to be slightly wider than that of the Nintendo Switch.
・ Will Nintendo’s next generation machine be as good as the PS4?
・ It seems that the loading time will be faster and it will also support ray tracing.

It was an article.

By the way, in this rumor, there is a next-generation Nintendo machine

It is planned to be released in the second half of 2023

It was also said.

From Nintendo’s point of view, the transition is from the Nintendo Switch to the next generation console

one of the big challenges

I was wondering when to put it in (・∀・)

Nintendo Switch sales are falling, and the title line is getting smaller.

Or will it be in 2024, or even later… I can’t wait for the official announcement!


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