Nipah Virus Outbreak: Educational Institutions in Kozhikode Shut Down as a Precautionary Measure

Kozhikode, 14th September 2023: In light of the recent Nipah virus outbreak, precautionary measures have been put in place in the Kozhikode district. A. Geeta, the Collector Class A, has been notified about the situation. As a result, a holiday has been declared for various institutions, including professional colleges, madrasas, and anganwadis in the affected area. This holiday follows the announcement of holidays for Thursday and Friday.

In addition, learning centers and training centers within the vicinity are also directed to suspend their operations. However, the University and PSC Examinations will proceed as scheduled, without any changes. To ensure continuity of education, educational institutions are encouraged to organize online classes, as stated in the Collector’s order.

These precautionary measures aim to contain the spread of the Nipah virus and safeguard the health and well-being of the community. As the situation unfolds, it is crucial for everyone to remain vigilant and adhere to the guidelines provided by the authorities.

14 Sep 2023, 02:57 PM IST Representative Image | Photo: AFP

Kozhikode: As part of precautionary measures in the wake of Nipah virus infection, Collector Class A. Geeta has been informed. The holiday will also apply to institutions including professional colleges, madrasas and anganwadis in the area. Thursday and Friday had already been announced as holidays.

Learning centers and training centers in the area should not operate either. While the University, PSC Examinations are held without any change. The Collector’s order also says that educational institutions can prepare online classes.

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