Niphon countered with “Thammanat” for cheating on the election, insisting that the Democratic Party adhered to the NCPO in accordance with the law.

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17 Jan 2022 2:31 a.m.

“Niphon” countered with “Thammanat”, smashing the choice after the Democratic Party lost to the swipe-right PPP seizes strongholds, wins 2 constituencies “Chumphon-Songkhla” scolded like a loser. Dare to have evidence to inform the Election Commission, saying the CCP adheres to the Election Commission, insists that the operation be pure – follow the law

On January 16, 65, Mr. Niphon Boonyamanee, Deputy Minister of the Interior As deputy leader of the Democrat Party (PDP) mentioned the case that Mr. Thammanat Phromphao, secretary-general of the Palang Pracharath Party (PPC) gave an interview to the press in the same way that I’ve never seen this kind of electoral fraud before that Capt. Thammanat is considered an elder of the Pracharat Party. say this as if defeated and asked to hit Which shouldn’t happen in the midst of a competition like this. He thinks that all that has happened is a contest according to the rules of democracy. We have an Election Commission (Election Commission) to supervise and supervise Capt. Thammanat to act and accuse others instead. The Election Commission is therefore not a possibility, but if Capt. Thammamanat has evidence, he can show it at the Election Commission, where he is responsible for conducting elections that are pure and fair. which when losing and then accusing the election Considered not a habit of people with sportsmanship. Therefore, to accuse others of damage that There is a fraud in the election, so be careful. Not saying that if it damages the CCP, it can take legal action as well.

“I therefore take this opportunity to remind you that What do you have to do to respect others? I think that when we are adults, we have to be careful. not accusing others of being damaged or make others tarnished as well. It wasn’t that he had lost the election. I don’t know how to explain it to anyone. accusing other people of cheating in elections,” Niphon said.

Mr. Niphon further said that he would like to take this opportunity to study with the people. The Democratic Party adheres to democracy. and does not say anything to hurt others which the Democratic Party has repeatedly emphasized that in that democracy Everyone has the right to have an equal voice. Therefore, I take this opportunity to study with my brothers and sisters that The Democratic Party operates politically with integrity and fairness. according to the guidelines of the party and will definitely not do anything illegal And this is something that can be confirmed with the people’s brothers and sisters.

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