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Nippon Ham Arihara “I want to do with batter Otani rather than pitcher” –Professional baseball: Nikkan Sports

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Nippon-Ham Kohei Arihara (28), who has decided to transfer to the US Major League Baseball Rangers using the posting system, is looking forward to the match with batter Otani.

On the 10th, he attended a press conference held at two military facilities in Chiba and Kamagaya with Hideki Kuriyama (59). There is a pitcher Shohei Ohtani (26) who was a teammate in the Angels in the same American League West district, and there is a possibility of a confrontation that did not match the Nippon-Ham era.

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On a clear day without a cloud, Arihara took a step toward his dream. “I’m Arihara, who has been indebted to the Texas Rangers since the 21st season. I’ll do my best.” Under the influence of the corona vortex, he used the posting system and made a strong determination to make a major transfer. “I really wanted to go as soon as possible, so I didn’t hesitate to go,” he said.

There are people who are looking forward to the confrontation. The Rangers are in the American League West, the same area as the Angels Otani. When the Rangers transfer was decided, he was informed that “Congratulations”. Arihara had no experience of fighting through the red and white battles, and Arihara eagerly aspired with a smile, saying, “I have a desire to play with batter Otani rather than a pitcher. I’m looking forward to it.”

One person who is looking forward to the confrontation, Director Kuriyama, asserts that “both are decided to support.” Arihara has been trusted since he joined the team, such as entrusting him with a pitcher captain last season. “I want to see that I will change the major leagues! It will be very inspiring if Kohei does his best,” he said with the same expectation.

I felt a feeling for the new team. “Seniors from the Fighters are also going, and the team to which the Japanese players belonged. Every team was doing it, but the Rangers (analyzed) among them, and in this environment I myself, more I thought I could grow up. ” He draws a blueprint that seals a major leaguer with the ball distribution obtained from Nippon Ham and his tenacity as a weapon.

“I’m not really thinking about my goals. Anyway, I want to do it with the theme of doing it for a year without getting hurt.” With a life-sized feeling, he stands on the stage where he continues to be impatient.[Ayumi Tanaka]

◆ Kohei Arihara Born in Hiroshima Prefecture on August 11, 1992 (Heisei 4). Started baseball at the Kawachi Boys’ Baseball Club when he was in elementary school. Entered Koryo after passing through Hiroshima Sanwa. Baseball is from high school and has been on the bench since the spring of 2nd year. Participated in Koshien in the spring and summer in 3 years. After entering Waseda University, he pitched in 62 league games in total, 19 wins and 12 losses. Joined Nippon-Ham in 1st place in the draft in 2014. May 15, 2015 First professional pitching victory against Orix. In the same year, he won the rookie king with eight wins. In 2016, he won 11 wins and contributed to the league championship and the best in Japan. In 2019, he won the most with 15 wins. 129 games in total, 60 wins, 50 losses, 2 saves, ERA 3.74. 189 cm, 95 kg. Right-handed right-handed.

○… Uesawa, who was one of the starting pitchers, made a surprise appearance as a bouquet presenter. Because he was wearing a jersey in his training clothes, Arihara asked him, “What’s your suit? Is it okay?” Uesawa said, “I’ve been indebted to my personal life and baseball, so I want you to do your best even if you go to the next stage. I’m glad that I have more opportunities to watch Major League Baseball before the game and in the morning.” Was pleased.


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