Nippon-Ham, big boss happy to win vivid reversal “Good game. I watched with confidence” | Full-Count

“I think I can win about 36” for Ito, the starting pitcher of the 5th win.

■ Nippon-Ham 5-3 Seibu (20th, Sapporo Dome)

Nippon-Ham won the Seibu match at Sapporo Dome 5-3 on the 20th. Tsuyoshi Shinjo said, “It was a good game. I got a point at the beginning today, but I think it will definitely reverse.” I was relieved to see it. “

Starting pitcher Ito allowed Yamakawa to hit in a timely manner for the first time and scored two goals. In the second inning, he returned one point between Ishii’s grounder, but after that he couldn’t score. However, he finally captured Takahashi in the 7th inning. The big boss on the bench was overjoyed when Usami hit a runner-cleaning double that broke the left middle of the forward defense in half from the first base.

Ito, who was tenacious with two goals in the seventh inning, scored his fifth win at the top of the league. The commander said, “Fifth win? More and more this year … I think we can win about 36 wins.”

(Kanako Ishikawa)

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