Nippon-Ham wears “Memorial Uni” next season “Seven Stars” on the hat, the color of the line is asymmetric | Full Account

Taikai Ito of Nippon Ham wearing a commemorative shirt[Llun: Trwy garedigrwydd y tîm]

Wore in 8 games held between 6.30 and 7.13 to commemorate 20 years since moving to Hokkaido

On the 23rd, Nippon-Ham has set 2023, the 20th anniversary of its move to Hokkaido, as the “HOKKAIDO 20TH MEMORIAL YEAR,” and will hold eight games from June 30 to July 13 as the “HOKKAIDO 20th MEMORIAL SERIES. He announced that he will wear the “20th HOKKAIDO Commemorative Dress” and fight.

The uniform elevates the history the team has walked in Hokkaido into a classic design. The asymmetry that has been inherited for 20 years since the birth of Hokkaido is expressed in two colors: black, which is the image of the uniform in 2004, and fighter blue, which is used in the current uniform. Uniform pants also have asymmetrical line colors.

In addition, a logo expressing the theme “TOGETHER WITH HOKKAIDO” is adopted on the left sleeve and chest with the motif of the seven stars that symbolize Hokkaido. It is also placed on the cap to show the determination to continue to shine in Hokkaido.

[Llun]Cool Hokkaido 20th anniversary commemorative dress with the motif of the seven stars that symbolize Hokkaido

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