Nirothcha, the commander-in-chief of the police, sent his subordinates to explain the boss case without answers, reiterating not to refer to the committee.

Nirothcha, the commander-in-chief of the police, sent his subordinates to explain the boss case, without answering, and then came to claim the committee. He didn’t understand, lashed out and refused to explain himself. The liquor store was secretly opened. must be punished more severely than just the police station

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On November 30, 2021, Mr. Niroth Soonthorn, Secretary of the National Assembly for Nakhon Sawan Palang Pracharath Party As the chairman of the committee (Committee) Police, the House of Representatives Referring to the case of the Royal Thai Police (Sq.) said the committee did not understand the police could not raise forces to arrest Worayuth Yoowitthaya, or the boss, who was accused of driving into a police officer until he died. that, in fact, the Police Department has invited the Foreign Affairs Division of the Royal Thai Police and Police Inspector General Suwat Jangyodsuk, the police chief, to follow up the case.

The committee has examined which police officers are performing their duties in violation of discipline. which the committee tried to question But the police chief sent a lower-level police officer to explain to the committee. therefore unable to provide any answer.

I certify that the committee has an understanding by asking the Foreign Affairs Officer that with making inquiries to various countries to interrogate the accused It’s like asking and answering. There is no progress on Mr. Vorayut’s residence.

It was expected that Austria would be the residence of Mr. Vorayut. How will the police be proactive? And there will be police officers traveling to press to coordinate. for speed or not The Foreign Affairs Division stated that it was difficult to go. because of the budget

It is believed that the police issued a press release that was an error. It’s more of a solution. and accused the committee of misunderstanding However, if you want the Committee to understand correctly would have to send a policy-level commander to clarify for the committee to get a clear answer

In addition, Mr. Niroth also mentioned about the case of entertainment venues in front of the Royal Thai Police. The committee will invite relevant persons to clarify. and has informed the Prime Minister to take action on the matter. Which the police will not solve the court claim that they do not know because it is inappropriate and unreasonable

In this regard, the commander must be jointly responsible. Can’t punish only the local superintendent or 5 police officers abandoned base Because the situation is just starting to open the country. and to protect the new cluster The police must be strictly in accordance with the policy of the Prime Minister. The supervisor will be responsible can’t refuse


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