NISA expansion, doubling to 56 trillion yen in 5 years “Both are permanent”, Prime Minister Kishida | Reuters

On November 25, the government announced the “asset income doubling plan,” which aims to double the total number of accounts under the tax exemption system for small investments (NISA) to 34 million and the total investment to 56 trillion yen over five years. summarize. Photo courtesy of Prime Minister Kishida. The photograph was taken in Tokyo in October 2022. REUTERS/Issei Kato

[TOKYO (Reuters)]- The government announced on the 25th that the total number of accounts under the tax exemption system for small investments (NISA) will increase to 34 million over five years, and the amount of investment will increase to 56 trillion yen. I came up with an income doubling plan. In a subcommittee meeting of the Council for the Realization of New Capitalism, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said, “In order to achieve our goals, we will make the general NISA and the reserve fund permanent.”

Most household financial assets are classified as cash and deposits, and even including indirect payments through pensions and insurance, investment in stocks, investment trusts, and bonds is said to stand at 244 trillion yen (about 20 million people ). With the expansion of NISA, he hopes to link household financial assets, which amount to 2,000 trillion yen, to investments and realize a “virtuous cycle of asset growth and income.”

Under the new plan, the total number of NISA accounts will be doubled from the current 17 million in five years, and the investment amount of 28 trillion yen will also be doubled. After that, it aims to double the amount of investment (the total balance of stocks, investment trusts, bonds, etc.) by households.

In addition to making the NISA system permanent, it also clearly states that the tax-exempt holding period will be made indefinite and the tax-exempt limit will be raised. The ruling party will soon finalize tax measures.

In order to double the asset income, he also raised the qualifying age for individual defined contribution pension schemes (iDeCo), and said, “We will reach a joint conclusion with the financial check of public pensions in 2024.”

In a meeting of the sub-committee, the Prime Minister said, “In addition to improving the environment for the formation of fixed assets, we will promote the formation of assets through the workplace, strengthen financial and economic education, realize an international financial center , and ensure customer-centric business operations. We will realize a shift from savings to investment.”

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