Nissan opens “NISSAN CROSSING” in VRChat.Ginza gallery in VR –Engadget Japanese version


On November 4th, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. released “NISSAN CROSSING”, a virtual gallery, in the social VR service “VRChat”.

VRChat is a VR SNS where you can enjoy online interaction, dressing up your avatar, and creating a world. You can use it not only by logging in using a VR device such as “Oculus Quest 2”, but also by using a PC alone.

This time, a world that reproduces “NISSAN CROSSING” operated by Nissan in Ginza in VR Chat has been released in that VRChat.

Engadget’s Editor-in-Chief Yazaki and the author (Count Tsukune) have participated in the pre-announcement, so I would like to introduce the virtual gallery “NISSAN CROSSING” along with their photos.


▲ White Ginza townscape


▲ When you lower the red curtain


▲ The virtual gallery “NISSAN CROSSING” is now! The facility in Ginza is reproduced as it is.


▲ The electric vehicle “Nissan Ariya” is on display in the venue.


▲ Presentation is also possible in this way


▲ Latte art is drawn on the drinks you touch in the cafe space on the 2nd floor!


▲ Everyone is curious about the car in VR

In the future, Nissan plans to utilize this virtual gallery “NISSAN CROSSING” as one of the new places for digital communication to develop various transmissions and contents such as new car presentations and lectures.

As the first step, it is planned to start “NISSAN CROSSING” by electric car within the year and to think about global warming. I would like to pay attention to how the communication space from the company in the VR space will take root in the users.


▲ A commemorative photo with Asako Hoshino, Vice President of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.!

source: nissan



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