Nissan releases Fairlady Z new Japanese specifications, President Uchida “All the good points of the past” … Tokyo Auto Salon 2022 | Response (

Nissan MotorIs January 14th,Tokyo Auto Salon 2022With the new “Fairlady Z』The Japanese specification model was unveiled for the first time. In late June, 240 units of the special specification car “Proto Spec” with special equipment on the interior and exterior will be sold for a limited time. The price is 6,966,300 yen.

Nissan President Makoto Uchida said at a press conference held at the company’s booth at Tokyo Auto Salon 2022 on the same day, “It’s been a while since the prototype was announced (in September 2020), but the design I’ve been showing since that time, I’m most happy to be able to showcase that beauty as it is today. “

On top of that, “The rear view has a design reminiscent of the (4th generation) Z32, and the front has the beauty of designing a homage to the original S30, so after all the good points of the past Z are collected. It’s a beautiful car. “

President Uchida also showed a test drive impression, saying, “The car is really good for everyone in our team to do their best. What is good is the stability of the steering wheel and the ability to drive the car with confidence even in the corners. It’s so much fun that even if I try to ride it, I feel like I’m getting better at driving, and the finished car is very good. It’s also accelerating, and the car turns really well by holding the steering wheel. The car is finished so that you can fully enjoy the feeling that it will move, or that it will move. “

At the Nissan booth, in addition to the Japanese specifications of the new Z, a “customized proto model” based on the new model with the styling and colors of the famous cars of the successive Z as a motif is also exhibited for reference. President Uchida said, “It is a concept with aftermarket parts installed, and the release has not been decided yet.” However, “Please purchase the new Z first and then wait for the aftermarket parts to be released.” ..



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