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Niyom Chae, Director of Kalasin Province Dod meets Chao Khun Buasri and asks him to withdraw the complaint. Let’s meet at the court

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Niyom Vejkama Chae, Director of Kalasin Province Sneak in to meet Chao Khun Buasri, giving him a phone call for him to withdraw the complaint. In the case of making a letter of report alleging 7 politicians moving to rouse the masses to offer petitions Confirm the prosecution to the end Let’s meet at the court

From the case of the monks in Kalasin Province (Dhammayut) and the disciples moving against the Supreme Sangha Council’s resolution with the removal order. Phra Thep Saramethi or Chao Khun Buasri Former primate of Kalasin Province (Thammayut), with both signed and 100,000 petitions and escalate to the point that the sign does not welcome the small monk including the monks gradually resigned. The report to the National Buddhism Office has the following content: “The Sangha (Dhammayut) has stopped the movement. But there are also disciples who are political movements who hunt 100,000 names to present their petitions.” along with specifying the names of 7 politicians, making 4 MPs for the Pheu Thai Party file a lawsuit against Director of Kalasin Province on charges of defamation and The Computer Crime Act, which the Director General of Kalasin Province confirmed that the duties of a good government official According to the news already

Most recently, on October 28, Mr. Niyom Vejkama, a member of the Sakon Nakhon District 2 Pheu Thai Party, revealed that the director of the Kalasin Provincial Office of Buddhism gave an interview to the media that making a report on the matter was a good government job. that May I ask if acting as a good civil servant is necessary to slander others? for their own works Working with honesty is what is called a good government official. Therefore, the reason for the decision to report it. To want to prove what this is all about Because it is seen that the case of the Director of Provincial Police. Kalasin making such a report is considered slander, accusation and a false statement. As if it had already been reported to you. Will I have a real work or not? Actions without regard for fairness So I would like to ask if this is a good civil servant doing it. or want to have a conflict

Mr Niyom said For those who filed a complaint, all four people, including him, were all considered to be inaccurate. It is a presentation of false information. causing people to misunderstand, even though what happened to the matter was the true intention of the disciples who wished to seek justice for Chao Khun Buasri therefore want to call for inspection

Mr. Niyom also said that most importantly, in the case of the Director of the Office of Buddhism in Kalasin Province, he went to Phra Thep Saramethi. or Luang Pho Buasri to make a phone call for him to withdraw the report I would like to ask again if this is the behavior of a good government official, especially the director who is responsible for upholding religion. and must take care of the monks not to order and is the authority of Director of the Office of Buddhism, Kalasin Province, who can do this? The matter was confirmed to be prosecuted to the fullest. and meet in court to prove the truth so that the people’s brothers and sisters will know

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