[NNA] Beijing eases quarantine restrictions… Resumption of commercial facilities


The Beijing city government announced on the 28th that it would abolish or ease some of the behavioral regulations for the prevention of the novel coronavirus. Commercial facilities are reopened. This is in response to the fact that the spread of infection in the community is gradually being controlled.

It has ordered the resumption of business for commercial facilities such as shopping centers that have been closed since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. However, the number of store visitors was kept below a certain level, and promotional activities were prohibited. Shopping centers in the restricted areas where people cannot leave their homes and in the administrative areas where only movement within Xiaoqi is allowed will continue to be banned.

For tourist attractions and parks, the number of visitors has been raised to 50% of normal. So far, the number of visitors to major parks has been limited to 30% or less of normal, and tourist attractions have been banned.

Administrative districts that have achieved ‘social zero corona (no confirmed cases of infection in areas other than quarantine)’ for 7 days in a row are allowed to enter the Xiaoqi area for couriers and food delivery personnel. Libraries, museums, cinemas, art galleries, cultural facilities, and sports facilities (excluding facilities installed in the basement) were allowed to reopen on condition that the number of visitors is kept below 50% of normal.

Mentougou District, Huairou District, Pinggu District, Miyun District, and Yanqing District were allowed to operate hotels and guesthouses.

■ Fang San and Soon-Yi are also allowed to work in the office

Businesses in Fangshan and Shunyi districts, which have been instructed to work from home in principle, have been allowed to work normally. However, residents of the containment area and the management area of ​​both areas must continue to work from home.

Similarly, the Chaoyang and Tongzhou districts, which were designated as telecommuting areas, allow telecommuting in principle, but allow ‘the ratio of normal work to be increased to an appropriate level’.

Currently, the target areas for telecommuting are Fengtai District, Haidian District, Changping District (some areas), Shijingshan District, and Mentougou District.

Eating in restaurants continues to be restricted. Business of entertainment facilities such as face-to-face classes and karaoke rooms in elementary and middle schools and kindergartens will continue to be banned.

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