No borrowing; Reserve Bank employees should no longer watch movies: Alphonse Putran

Director Alphonse Putran said that Reserve Bank employees have no right to watch the film. Alphonse Putra says bank loans are not allowed for film production and Prime Minister Narendra Modi should look into this serious issue which is killing cinema. The director’s response came via social media.

“Since RBI will not give a bank loan to make the film… I request all RBI members to stop watching the film. You have no right to watch any film, and neither does the person or minister responsible for this decision. Don’t expect milk after closing the cow’s mouth. I request our dear Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to look into this serious matter which is killing cinema.” – said Alphonse Putra.

There are interesting reactions related to this statement from the director on social media. Some mock him as a troll. The director’s response to this is as follows:

“There are 24 folk crafts in the film. Writer, producer, make-up man, costume designer, art director, cinematographer, editor, actors, music director, dubbing and the list goes on. How did we all become gamblers? A person who runs a salon is not a gambler. How does the film fit into the gaming category? One film has more than 40 rights for sale. The no borrowing rule may have existed for a long time. Now the situation is different. ” – said Alphonse.

Meanwhile, Alphonse Putra is working on his new Tamil film. The film, which tells a romantic story, will go on floors by the end of April.


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