“No child support was paid to Kim Hyun-joong’s 8-year-old child out of wedlock” (Entertainment President)

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Allegations have been made that singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong did not pay child support to a child who had gone out of wedlock.

On the 29th, YouTuber Lee Jin-ho posted a video titled ‘Unique! Kim Hyun-joong posted a video titled, ‘Shocking child support payments, the reason why the son I met after 8 years was hurt’.

In 2014, Hyunjoong Kim stood at the center of the issue in a court battle with his ex-girlfriend A over issues such as pregnancy, assault, and a parent-child lawsuit. After the lawsuit, it was confirmed that the child A gave birth to was Kim Hyun-joong’s biological child.

Kim Hyun-joong married another non-celebrity, B, not his ex-girlfriend, in February, and had a son in October after 8 months.

In the video, Lee Jin-ho said, “The child my ex-boyfriend A gave birth to is currently 8 years old. The child says that he has never seen his father Kim Hyun-joong in the process of growing up. I got a call from my father, Kim Hyun-joong. It was a call to arrange child support. Mr. A suggested that since he is the father, he should not meet the child, and that the meeting between Kim Hyun-joong and the child took place.”

After continuing to meet with the child, Kim Hyun-joong said there was a request for a child support modification. Suddenly at the end of last year, he suddenly asked to arrange child support, so after meeting with the child, he applied for mediation, and the judge ordered Kim Hyun-joong to pay child support of 2 million won a month. However, Kim Hyun-joong claimed that his annual income was 70 million won and submitted proof of income to the court. ”

Then, “If the annual income is 70 million earned, the monthly child support is set at 1.6 million earned, so they are asking to reduce the monthly child support to 1.6 million and won.”

In addition, Lee Jin-ho said, “Even Mr. A’s family could not hide their embarrassment.” “The officers are suspicious that Kim Hyun-joong has stepped forward to adjust child support to return to broadcasting. This is because it will be difficult to return to broadcasting if they are listed on Bad Fathers because they are not have paid child support.”

Continuing, “Kim Hyun-joong appeared on the broadcast earlier and did not mention the first child. He treated the child as an invisible person and hurt him twice.” He added, “Kim Hyun-joong does not show even the slightest responsibility, such as child support payments and interview rights.”

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