‘No construction’ at the machine factory; Bought from a private company and repainted and sold | Alappuzha

Alappuzha വിവരങ്ങൾ Irregularities in the Alappuzha Coir Machinery Factory under the Industries Department are out. The machine requested by the Lakshadweep Industries Department was not manufactured at the factory in Alappuzha but was repurchased from a private company in Coimbatore. It was made at a factory in Alappuzha. Rajeev was also deceived.

The Alappuzha Coir Machinery Factory was set up at Alappuzha under the Industries Department for mechanization of the coir sector. But the only thing that did not happen was the machinery. The Lakshadweep Industries Department placed an order for pith briquetting and garden article manufacturing machines but could not deliver on time. The Lakshadweep Industries Department paid more than Rs 35 lakh based on the quotation given by the Coir Machinery Company. These machines could not be designed and released.

When the Lakshadweep Industries Department increased its demand, it bought the machine from a private company in Coimbatore and changed the design and color. The machine in gray hit the green. The Minister of Industries and top officials of the department were deceived into believing that it was made in the company. In the presence of the MLAs of Alappuzha, the Industries Minister said that the machine bought from a private company was manufactured in a factory in Alappuzha. Many co-operative societies from Malabar demanded machines. They also entered into an agreement with the company.

The machine was bought from Coimbatore, modified and given at a higher price. The willowing machine and the threshing machine are also manufactured by the company and manufactured from outside. It is also common for machinery to be manufactured and purchased by private companies. Ten months after the Lakshadweep Industries Department paid, the machine has not yet been delivered.

English Summary: Fraud at Kerala State Coir Machinery Manufacturing Company



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